September 8th 2010

Firstly we’d like to apologise for the date change for the Apex , Bury St Edmunds gig which is on Sunday 17th October, not Saturday 16th. We hope you will still be able to come, it is looking like it will be an excellent gig – in a brand new venue!
Leamington DVD
Well – almost there, the DVD is going to the pressing plant in the next day or so and it should take a couple of weeks for us to get it. Watch out for it – it’s a brilliant one – the time Bryan and John Spence spent in the studio mixing and mastering the audio really shows – superb sound and fantastic video recording from John and Meriam, it really captures the spirit of this memorable occasion. It also features interviews with Bryan and Heather – thank you Roger!
And so to Go Well Diamond Heart….
The double Limited Edition album will be hot on the heels of the DVD to the pressing plant – may take a little longer to press but not too much. It will be out to you as soon as it hits our doormat and we hope you agree it is worth the wait.
There will be a lot of envelope filling to come soon so it’s all hands on deck – we can’t wait….
Suzie x

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  1. Re: Apex gig – Mostly Autumn fans make sure to stick around for the next band (Martin Turner’s Wishbone Ash). They’re very good.


  2. What Alan says – the Martin Turner Wishbone Ash was excellent at High Voltage.

    Any idea of the set-length? Looking at the timings it may only be 45 minutes unless the changeovers are *very* slick.


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