Shine On…….

There is an article on Mostly Autumn in Classic Rock Presents Prog magazine (October edition) – written by Dom Lawson with comments from both Bryan and Olivia.

Very interesting indeed, and containing a few hints as to what has inspired, and what Go Well Diamond Heart is all about. (click on reviews to the right to see a scanned copy).

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  1. Steve Hughes Says:

    Thanks for putting this article/interview up. It was an interesting read. I have a good feeling about this album. I feel that the new album will also be something of a statement of intent that the band are highly energised, and that the new era of the band mean business when the autumn tour kicks off. It sounds like the closing track could be something special as well.


    • Thanks for your comment Steve – yes I agree – there is an energy about it all – and the last track is superb. Can’t wait until you all hear it! x


  2. simon lewis Says:

    Cant wait to hear the changes, 6 months ago i couldnt imagine MA without Heather but now im getting itchy feet waiting for GWDH to fall through my letter box…Gavin says its one well worth the wait!! The Classic Prog write up wets my appitite even more and apart from last novembers classic rock interview with Heather and a small interview in Classic rock live section a few years ago its the first reall interview i have seen in Classic Rock etc, hope its a sign of publcity and success to follow.


  3. Thanks for putting this up! Looking forward to the new material, as well the live-DVDs/CDs and the Passengers re-issue.


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