That Night in Leamington….

…is due to us from the pressing plant in a couple of days and we will start to ship it as soon as it arrives. We have given a lot of thought to asking Heather to sign them all but have decided it would be virtually impossible with her current workload and unfair to ask…but…we have asked her to sign 100 copies and she has agreed. We think the fairest way to distribute these copies is by taking all orders received up to Saturday 2nd October and drawing them out of a ‘virtual hat’. So.. we hope you will be pleased if you receive one, and if you are not one of the lucky ones, maybe you can catch Heather ‘on the road’.
By the way – if for any reason you don’t want your order in the ‘hat’ please e mail…you never know!!)

6 Responses to “That Night in Leamington….”

  1. steve lord Says:

    looking forward too the dvd arriving on my doormat,fingers crossed heather has signed it.


  2. David Jeckell Says:

    Cant wait to hear the new DVD hope I am one of the lucky 100


  3. After making that unforgettable trip to the UK, I’d be even more excited to get a signed copy. Fingers crossed indeed! 🙂


  4. Glen Wood Says:

    Here’s hoping I am one of the lucky 100 too.


  5. Chris Lakin Says:

    Yes – It arrived earlier this week and it is signed!


  6. I have received a signed copy. Thru Russell Elliot the editor from the american website Musical Discoveries I discovered Mostly Autumn and the passion is still there. This band has a heart of gold and surprise their fans over and over thru the speciall editions of their albums and dvd,s.
    Their music is pure magic …. thanks for this superb dvd .. and Heather I will
    follow your new musical road.
    a great admirer of Mostly Autumn.



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