Go Well Diamond Heart..

No doubt, if you’re like us, watching That Night In Leamington has left you emotionally drained, (thank you for all your comments by the way), but we don’t want to leave you empty..so we’re pleased to say that the special edition of Go Well Diamond Heart should start shipping next weekend if all goes to plan.
Meanwhile..if you’d like maybe a sneak preview – Jerry Ewing (Classic Rock Presents Prog) will be discussing it with Mick Wall during Mick’s Classic Rock Magazine Show this Wednesday 13th between 10pm and 1am on Rock Radio (Manchester) www.rockradio.co.uk/manchester

3 Responses to “Go Well Diamond Heart..”

  1. Dave Hulmston Says:

    Oh Yes, got my copy of “that night” and couldn’t believe it, mine was signed!

    Can’t wait to hear new album! Good Luck…I wish you all well.

    Dave H.


  2. David Jeckell Says:

    Cant wait to get my copy of new album. Hope they include some tracks at the Apex gig. also when will the Go Well Diamond Heart T shirts be available?


  3. Just received the new album this has to be some of the best music i have heard in a long time. I just love the way olivia’s voice fly’s through the guitar sounds and keeps your interset focused on the words of the songs. You should all be very proud of this amazing album. All the best Greylord


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