Track Listing for Go Well Diamond Heart Special Edition…

Disc 1
For All We Shared
Violet Skies
Deep In Borrowdale
Something Better
Go Well Diamond Heart
Back To Life
Hold The Sun
And When The War is Over…

Disc 2
The Sound Of The World
Anything At All
Hats Off
Forever Young
Days Of Our Love

14 Responses to “Track Listing for Go Well Diamond Heart Special Edition…”

  1. Alan Bloor Says:

    Only 8 songs on each disc? There must be some nice long proggy epics then πŸ™‚


  2. Well, the last album nailed me to the wall, so I can`t wait to hear the new stuff with Livvy. Yet another incredible talent added to the MA family.


  3. Cannot wait to hear this, with Livvy on vocals, waiting with fantastic anticipation.


  4. simon lewis Says:

    Baited breath doesnt quite say it but you get the gist!!!!!


  5. That are some interesting song titles πŸ™‚
    Looking forward to hear them soon, and also live in a couple months…


  6. i’m glad i ordered the pre-release edition.
    is forever young a cover version ??

    just received breathing space’s below the radar to check out the new voice of MA…. and i’m very impressed so far.


  7. paul ozzy hodgson Says:

    A fantastic set of songs and a job well done by the whole band very pleased with the Cds and looking forward to the new live shows


  8. Don Byatt Says:

    Played it several times already and it’s really excellent. The title track is destined to be a Mostly Autumn classic , can’t wait to hear it live. Well done to Bryan, Livvy and all.


  9. Love the new album and the Special edition was well worth it!!!

    Just one thing, though… You’ve sent me two!!!


  10. Today the special edition of Go Well Diamond Heart arrived and Tonight I wil play it alone without anyone else around me. For a couple of years I buy the special cd’s because of the freedom you can have them to go in to the studio without interfering from record companies. Every new album gets better and better and together with the dvd That night in Lemington I celebrate the old and the new Mostly Autumn.
    a great admirer of your music .. thanks a millon times from the bottom of my heart.



  11. Colin Nias Says:

    What an awesome album. Livvy, you “Rock”.
    “Ice” on the extra disc has to be my favourite. It brings a tingle to my spine. Loving the guitars too.
    Saying that though, there are no duffers on this whatsoever.
    I haven’t stopped playing it, whether on my I-Pod, in my car or on my lounge Hi-Fi. It’s stupendous
    Well done MA for releasing a “Diamond” — “Go Well” my friends.


  12. Jock Wilson Says:

    The new album arrived last Friday and I had to have a listen even although I was off on a trip all weekend.

    I managed to play it at least ten times over the weekend and it is excellent. Now I’m listening to it at work and what can I say?

    As I possess all the previous Mostly Autumn releases, I keep waiting on something disappointing, but this isn’t it. Heather has a wonderful voice, but Olivia is (in my opinion) better and adds more power to vocals.

    I can’t to see the band live in York in December!


  13. Nigel Parkes Says:

    Great album. Well done!

    I’m disappointed though that the previous poster has chosen to use this website to make unfavourable comparisons between Olivia and Heather. Everyone is entitled to their opinions but to post such views here is hugely insensitive and entirely inappropriate. Many MA fans still miss Heather terribly and I’m sure will find the use of this site to express such views rather upsetting.

    I sincerely hope neither Heather nor Olivia read Mr Wilson’s comments. I’m sure Heather would be upset and I imagine that Olivia would feel rather uncomfortable and embarrassed.


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