A Word From Bryan…

Hello everyone.

Firstly we would once again like to send a huge thank you to you all for your patience during the long wait after pre-ordering Go Well Diamond Heart – Special Edition

It would quite simply not have been possible without the pre orders and would have never existed without your support – it is a beautiful ocean this boat sails on.

Thank you also for your positive comments on the main page and forum, this is very good for us all as there is a huge amount of traffic passing through our website.

As far as the order of both discs goes, I can tell you that we tried every order possible, especially for the first disc which is, of course, the general release disc. The flow and feel of disc one had to take presidency over the choice of which songs were potentially our favourites – you wouldn’t believe how many times we tried to fit “Ice”, “Anything At All”, “Hat’s Off” and “Forever Young” somewhere in there, but the problem was that it took away from the flow and feel, and in some cases took the impact away from other songs. It started to sound like a collection of songs as opposed to an album, which is a song in itself saying….. Here’s to the past – cheers Heather – good times in the lakes – sinister world – inspirational bravery – the band is coming back to life, – good times shared with lost loved ones and beautifully re-united.

We needed an order that was not too over facing, that makes you want to put it straight back on the turntable and so… forty nine minutes fifty three seconds seems to pass in thirty minutes which we feel is a good thing.

Also I believe it is nice for the people who pre-ordered to have a more exclusive second disc – but worry not, we will be drawing heavily from both discs for the live shows and the set has never had such a major overhaul in years, in fact, I feel a live recording brewing……

Cheers everyone,

Bryan Josh.

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  1. Haven`t stopped listening to the album since it arrived, so mission accomplished, Bryan ! More live recordings ? Bring `em on, and here`s hoping that this line up will remain for years to come, cos it`s an amazing ensemble.


  2. Stephen Chamberlain Says:

    I really love both CD’s and thing that they both stand up as albums in their own right. Maybe they are a little bit short by today’s standards individually but then one of my favourite ever albums weighs in at a whopping 34 minutes ! It is quality that could not the number of minutes it lasts.
    In my opinion this is the best MA album by far since Passengers.

    Also thrilled that the live set will be built around it. Much as I love the MA back catalogue it is time for a complete revamp of the live set and to move forward positively in to a new era. Now really looking forward to hearing them live at Wath and York !

    Great stuff and a wonderful poiter to the future.

    Stephen C


  3. What a Brilliant Special Edition , one of the best M.A. albums to date. Hold the Sun is one of my favourite tracks ( For me the woo woo’s make it
    sound better) I though M. A. would make it big wiith Passengers then with
    HFOS could GWDH be the one, the special Edition will sell out this time.

    Best wishes to all the Band see you at the cathouse .


  4. It’s on as I’m typing and about to move from’And When The War Is Over…’ to ‘Sound of the World’, the first CD is great as an individual release bu the pair in the pre-order version are all the more special.

    It’s a shame you couldn’t release q 90 minute single CD as the tracks on the ‘bonus’ CD are foar more than the throwaway tracks you usually find on these special editions! ‘Ice’ is a firm favourite at the moment… I don’t envy you having had to make the painful decision of a track listing, but kudos is due to the choices you made.

    On a separate note, thank Liv for ‘telling’ me to buy the CD way back in April! In my current location some of these tracks quite literally hit the mark, and I think ‘And When The War Is Over…’ may well be my reunion song when I get back home…

    Just a shame I won’t be able to catch it live this time round.


  5. As a dutch admirer I had a great night yesterday when I put on both cd’s and loved it from beginning to end. If disc 2 is the bonus then it is a great
    gift for us the fans. Since years ago I started ordering the limited editions cd’s and dvd’s and you can hear the freedom in the process thanks to the pre-orders system.
    Mostly Autumn is pure and one of a kind. The war is over … is the best way to end a record. My musical heart is yours ….

    thanks, joseph voncken


  6. a super double album as opposed to special edition,
    as all tracks stand up on there own .
    as someone old enough to remember buying double vynal albums
    the use of track reprease is a dying art and after listening to both discs
    a few times i think disc 1 would be ideal for a reprease.
    i know shoot me down (sorry for the pun)but title track GWDH
    for me could have ended as part 1 after the explosion and a
    repease of GWDH part 2 with the speech at the end of disc 1.
    just a thought
    as bryan has a live album brewing what might be better is a dvd.
    after leamington being end of a era how about both discs played
    live on dvd as the dawn of a new era.

    many thanks to all at MA for two great cds( and liams still to come).


  7. David Jeckell Says:

    Brilliant new album and not a weak track. Great show at The Apex
    and the new material was very well received.Hope you dont drop Questioning Eyes from the full set.
    Cant wait for the Wath.


  8. I love the new album too and can’t wait to see the songs performed live, but I would also hope that Questioning Eyes stays in the full set, as it is such a powerful song performed live. And hopefully there will still be a fair selection of other classics for Livvy to stamp her mark on – most notably Evergreen. Just can’t imagine an MA set without it.


  9. Terry Clarke Says:

    Saw the set at The Apex in Bury, don’t think anyone need worry that the new songs work live, in fact, I’ed go so far as to say they were enhanced live.

    The inclusion of a number of old favourites in the set should keep everyone happy.

    Questioning Eyes was not there but it was a shortened set, surely room for it in the full set.

    Already looking forward to the Arts Centre, Norwich gig.


  10. Yay, I finally received mine today! 🙂
    Typing this while the first disc is nearly at its end. What a surprisingly fresh new sound it is — my compliments! Different but yet so recognisable. I’m pretty sure it will grow on me even further.
    Looking forward to the X-mas shows to experience this live — I’m sure it is really worth a new live recording.

    Let’s keep this beautiful boat sailing…


  11. Daniel Smith Says:

    Just Got The Album (i live in Arizona so it took a while to get here) absolutely fanfuckingtastic you just keep getting better and better


  12. Gerard v.d. Meijden Says:

    It took some time to receive the cd’s, but is was worth waitng for. Have listened the cd’s over and over again and theyz are fantastic.
    Looking forward to see you all on the 17th dec in Zoetermeer.


  13. Mark Plimmer Says:

    Great surprise coming back from holiday to find the album waiting for me, and the poor car stereo has been given a severe bashing. Well worth the wait. Favouring disc 2 at the minute but it’s a close call. Can’t wait to the material live. Great stuff Brian, Mark Plimmer, Leicester.


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