Passengers re-mastered

We are happy to announce the return of the Passengers, newly re-mastered, album to our stock. “Why re-master” you may ask… well for various reasons we had to re-manufacture this album at a different pressing plant in the UK and after the sonic success we had in re-mastering all the songs on the Pass the clock triple album, we thought we may as well give Passengers the same treatment throughout, and it is improved. We also thought it would be nice to add three bonus live tracks from shows played in the winter of 2009 and some additional artwork to boot. More of our earlier albums may get the same treatment in time and some need to be made available again as the rights have now come back to Mostly Autumn Records.
Available now at Mostly Autumn Records.

8 Responses to “Passengers re-mastered”

  1. mike Ipswich Says:

    This is good news as I got into MA from Storms…and haven’t yet got round to the earlier albums, only buying the compilation instead. Makes it worth shelling out for now! Here’s hoping they redo the first three.


  2. Alan Bloor Says:

    I already have a decent copy of Passengers, but it’s good news about the earlier albums. Having only discovered MA last year I missed out on them, so I’d definately be interested if they were re-released.


  3. Steve Hughes Says:

    Excellent timing. I’ll be buying this at the Esquires gig at the end of next week. I’ll be interested as well to see what the three live tracks are.


  4. Jim Corcoran Says:

    I’d like to buy it, but what are the three live bonus tracks?


  5. Hugh Michell Says:

    Having added tracks is always a bonus, and I will be purchasing at the next gig I go to. I was surprised that “Pass the Clock” isn’t on the track listing? Is this a typo error?


    • Roger Newport Says:

      ‘Pass The Clock’ is listed on my remastered copy and is definitely there. It maybe the MA Records website that is misleading you as for some reason ‘Pass The Clock’ has been listed between ‘Caught In A Fold’ and ‘Simple Ways’. However, this must be a mistake as the running order is exactly the same as the original with the three additional live tracks added on the end.


  6. i always liked passengers not only for it’s great songs but for the well done mastering too.

    i don’t know why it needs a re-mastering. hopefully not to apply more dynamic compression.


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