(Mostly Autumn) have delivered the Album of their career…..

So says Jerry Ewing in a very interesting and perceptive review of Go Well Diamond Heart in Classic Rock Presents Prog magazine (November).

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  1. David Jeckell Says:

    Fully agree with review, well deserved praise for a brilliant album. It just keeps getting better. See you at Wathe.


  2. About time the band were given some decent space in Prog. Good review, too, though I disagree with the comment about Glass Shadows.


  3. Avi Goldstein Says:

    We want you guys in the States, specifically New York! When , oh when?


  4. Brian Marple Says:

    The album is lovely! I agree with Avi, we want you in America! Boston specifically!


  5. Good job guys!!!
    I’m impressed…


  6. Harry jackson Says:

    What can i say.has ever a band replaced a key member with such effect.olivia is so talented and gorgeous.as many have said no fillers.persevere with those tracks which are less immediately attractive-68-73 is a case in point.when the war is over is possibly the best track.i wish i could see them live,but am housebound-a dvd of the new line up needs to happen.consider the undervalued liam.finally i would love tn iear livvy sing with steve hogarth.


  7. I found for mels the last one not so good.

    2 normal rocksongs few ballads.
    For me number 1 and track 8. the rest not good enough.
    I miss the real good stuff from the first 3 albums.
    Olivia sings good by the way.


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