De Boerderij….and snow….

A great big thank you to everyone who battled through the snow to the Boerderij last night – a great gig – one the band (and everyone else too judging by the welcome they got) enjoyed immensely. The very steep and icy ramp up to backstage was worrying the Judge a bit, however, the extremely efficient and friendly crew at this very welcoming venue soon sorted that out and all was well.

A fantastic turnout with some people driving for hours in snow and horrendous traffic to be there – much appreciated.

Onwards and up North to Groningen tonight, with many sausage stops on the way – a new venue, and hopefully a few more Mostly Autumn converts – as well as more than a few old friends.

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  1. To band and crew, what a great show last night! Visiting a gig of Breathing Space, I heard about Olivia joining Mostly Autumn. Bought the latest cd and came to the Boerderij to see you live. It was great! Special thanks to Olivia for performing ‘Questioning Eyes’. I lost my son 4 years ago at the age of 15, it moved me deeply!
    Hope to see Mostly Autumn again soon!

    Merry christmas,
    greetings from Bleiswijk, Holland


  2. A long trip by train and tram: we were glad we have done it. The show was again great. Looking forward for the next show in december in Zoetermeer. Hope some shows earlier in Holland!!! The new CD is terrific!!!
    Merry X-mans for you all and Brian Josh’s brother in law!


  3. The show was a very pleasant surprise as the band played in topform for almost three hours! Olivia sang very well and Brian excelled – as usual – on guitar!
    To everyone who missed the concert: you really missed something!!
    See you next year!


  4. Martin Verhoef Says:

    You are welcome.
    The snow was indeed a big struggle but it was worth it.
    It was a very good show and also the sound was very good.
    I hope you also had a great time, like we did because we enjoyed the show till the last minute.
    Thank you very much for an unforgettable evening and hope to see you next time with a little bit less snow.
    Success with the other gigs!

    Friendly Greetings,
    Martin ☺


  5. I came all the way from Salzburg, Austria to see this concert. The train delays were horrible. But the gig was indeed exquisite. I had not yet heard Olivia sing the older songs, but when she did I was totally melted by her vocals (and due to the weather I was in need of some melting). Indeed, all the band members gave 100 % in a wonderful performance that lasted about 3 hours. In sum, in spite of the hell I went through to get to the Boerderij, I had such a wonderful time there that I felt that it is was all worth it. I want more!


  6. We know Livvy loves those sausages 🙂

    One of these years I’ll have to get to the Dutch gigs.


  7. Hi all,

    Again a great performance last night in Groningen. Hopefully you’re coming back next year! Best regards, René.


  8. luc bourguignon Says:

    Hope you can make it safe tomorrow to spiritof66
    We all really look forward to this gig


    • corine gruber Says:

      c’était comment le concert au spirit ?
      j’avais mes places mais j’ai été bloquée par la neige 😦


  9. What a great performance again yesterday in Groningen! Especially Brian was in great shape. And the new numbers fit well in the excisting repertoire. Thanks for a great evening to you all.

    Greetings from Groningen.


  10. Chantal Gommans Says:

    Thanx for the great gig in Groningen.
    It is sad to know that Heather left, but great to see and hear that Olivia makes it all worthwhile.
    Please come back again to to Groningen, nice to see you in the north….


  11. Blueshacker Says:

    My wife and myself enjoyed very much your show,very exciting and full of energy.Some of your lyrics pointed out our sad feelings of this year.
    We are sure this has helped us.
    Thanx guys and we wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year.


  12. Eric Marshall Says:

    Many thanks to the band for a faultless performance at Zoetermeer on Friday night. It is a really good venue and what strikes you is how polite and welcoming all the staff are. It is a pleasure to pop over every year even with the travel problems caused by the weather.
    To anybody thinking of going to the Boerderij next time I can only say save up your pennies- you’ll have a great time.

    Eric Marshall


  13. The first time in 7 years i missed de Boerderij…

    Groningen was fab!!! A band in form… a great venue, big stage, light show, good sound and a really nice crowd (the first time there!).

    Pictures by Bert Treep;

    Sadly, sadly we missed Verviers by all the snow…. the second time in 10 years….

    So a weekend to remember…

    Have a great holiday season,
    Nick from the lovely snowy SOuth of the Netherlands.


  14. Thanks for the great (almost three hours!) show in Groningen!!!
    It was my first time, so i’m one of the Mostly Autumn converts you hoped for. Hope to see you back in Groningen!

    Best regards, Paul.


  15. More pics at

    Great ones of De Boerderij by Roger Newport (already at this site –> photos)
    Groningen, Bert Treep & Jorrit van Bennekom
    Verviers Jorrit and Jaak Geebelen!

    Have a happy holiday season!


  16. What an incredible Tour!

    Through ice and very deep snow, by train , car and boat, we were privileged to see 3 great gigs.
    The venues were great and hospitable,( though each very different) , the fans enthusiastic. And The Best Band In The Land touring the Album of their or anyone`s career.

    The new songs just get better and better live – I think When The War Is Over was THe song of the tour for me….the stately beginning, searing guitar from BJ and stunning final vocals from Liivy.
    Hats Off to our Beautiful Lead Singer who by the end was very ill with throat and chest infections but gave her all to the performances.

    Thanls to the all Guys and Gals for an unforgetable tour

    Howard & Georgia


  17. Hi all….great show in Groningen. The older songs I love the mosts.The first 3 albums are more Floyd orientated.Is it possible to bring Troy to the Dutch shows to next year.And Olivia …..great voice !!Hope you play ”The Night Sky” to next time


  18. A great Christmas Concert at De Boerderij. my 4th MA concert of the year – and the best. I thought Olivia’s singing had an extra dimension that night – the delivery of Questioning Eyes was absolutely superb, a real highlight. Somewhere Over the Rainbow a surpise inclusion to me and again beautifully delivered. I Believe in Father Christmas and Merry Xmas Everybody brought the festive mood, which has continued up to this snowy Christmas morning in Munich, where Santa has kindly dropped “That Night in Leamington” into my stocking.
    Merry Christmas.


  19. VincentJJ Says:

    Enjoyed the suprising gr8 show @ Zoetermeer. Just 2 weeks before this show I saw the program and heard your sound on a You-tube clip for the first() time!
    After this show I bought the latest CD. The more I hear the more I like it!
    Till a next time 4 sure!


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