Happy New Year..

Hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and we wish you all a very Happy New Year

Here’s to 2011….

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  1. Phil Yaxley Says:

    Happy New Year to you all. Kind Regards.


  2. Peter Howcroft Says:

    Same to everybody and especially the band.
    Truly been brilliant from Bury to York, new album, scrumptious.


  3. Happy new year to you all, and hope 2011 is a big year for you as you deserve it!
    Can you tell me ,do you plan to visit Tavistock this year.
    cheers simmo40


    • Alex Scotland Says:

      Happy New Year to all the band.Great gig at the Cathouse Glasgow & the new album(s) still luvin’ it-see you hopefully again as promised in Glasgow in the Spring.cheers guys Alex in EK.


  4. John, Sharron & Edward Goode Says:

    To all in the MA camp
    Thanks for all we shared in a wonderful 2010 – some splendid concerts and an amazingly good album in GWDH. All the best for 2011. See you on the road soon!


  5. Just happy to be one of many Passengers. See you somewhere on the road in 2011. Keep the faith, folks.


  6. Harry jackson Says:

    Drink a little more wine.take a little more time to enjoy life and what is sure to be a brilliant year for the ma family.hope a dvd of livvy with ma isn’t too distant.just been thinking of interesting duets for livvy-steve hogarth,tarja tarunen,annette olzen,sharon van adel,bob catley…any other ideas.


  7. Tony van Kesteren Says:

    A very successfull 2011 for the band. I was in The Oosterpoort in Groningen and enjoyed this band of the year for me. Very good musicians and one of the best and most beautiful singer made this concert the best of the year. Bouht the CD and listen to it daily in my car. Even my wife (she went with me because a friend of my was ill) talks about this smashing band. Next time you have a concert in Groningen I’ll be there again that’s for sure. Mostly Autumn in all seasons.


  8. Peter James Benedetta Says:

    hi guys just wanna say that livvy n the rest of the band have done as always brill on the current tour, i really was very impressed with livvys vocals on the new album. josh your brill u really have kept the tradition style of MA n livvys singing style has blended just excellent into that. i hope heather is keeping well as my reguards go to u all. i was at the sheppards bush gig in london 2 years back n it rocked. i really hope you guys return there on the current tour. love n strength t u all.


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