That Night In Leamington – double album…

We are delighted to announce the release of ‘That Night in Leamington’ double album. Now you can re-live that memorable night on CD and just to make it that bit more special – Heather and Bryan will sign as many copies as possible for orders placed before Sunday 27th March 2011
Available now from

Only just over a week to go to the first gig of the tour – a very special one at Salisbury City Hall in aid of Pilgrimbandits charity – love to see you there..

2 Responses to “That Night In Leamington – double album…”

  1. The Ogre Says:

    This will no doubt take its place alongside Seconds Out,and Rainbow On Stage, as one of my all-time favourite live albums. The set list was perfect,and the performances from everyone were incredible.


  2. Yep this is going to be a Classic. And much as I love the DVD it will be great to have the music separately too


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