Live on Bob Harris Sunday….

Look out for a live set of 3 songs on the Bob Harris show starting at midnight this Saturday 4th June, an interview with Bob and a few tracks of Mostly Autumn – worth staying up for.

The set will be 3 acoustic songs (not giving the game away though as to which ones they will be..)

6 Responses to “Live on Bob Harris Sunday….”


    Great news more publicity for Bryan & Mostly Autumn.


  2. Alex Main Says:

    enjoyed the session tonight,maybe this particular 4-piece line up of the band might consider an acoustic album,some time in the future, a la the Reasoning with Acoustically Speaking, just a thought : )


  3. dougie the mega Says:

    really enjoyed the music and interview mega ,if you didnt catch it its on the bbc i player about 1 18 mins in bob harris sunday worth a listen ,


  4. steve lord Says:

    Loved the session last night on Bob Harris show-crying out too be released-how about a website only ep?


  5. Wonderful stuff – great exposure for the band -and I agree that an Acoustic release would be a real treat.


  6. Just listened to the show on the iPlayer and yes, I agree with all the comments. Great set, worthy of release and should bring the band more followers!


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