See you soon….

And – looking forward to the NL tour…..

Next week on the radio: Mostly Autumn @ La Villa Strangiato 12 December 21:00 – 23:00 hours

Franck Carducci and Mostly Autumn @ 13 December 20:00 – 22:00 hours

And BTW free albums from Mostly Autumn @ DPRP.

6 Responses to “See you soon….”

  1. Peter Howcroft Says:

    Certainly will, this Sunday in Bath.
    Travelling down from Accrington and brother coming over from Belgium, (his first gig).
    As JL said ‘Let’s Hope It’s A Good One’


    • Great show at Robin2 last night , you are one the best live bands around . I will keep spreading the word. Have a great Xmas and a GREAT NEW YEAR


  2. A really excellent show at the Robin last night, really powerful main set and loved the Christmas stuff at the end too. Have a great Christmas and 2012!


  3. SHAMPOO & SET !!!
    Thanks MA for another fantastic gig at the Brook last night. Great setlist and shampoo snow for afters !!. Beautiful rendition of ‘Rainbow’ by Olivia, and the boys on great form. Oh, and still love you AMH !! x


  4. Really enjoyed the gig at Bath Komedia on Sunday. I’m a bit of a latecomer to MA i’m afraid , but have spent recent months catching up on an excellent back catalogue and hope to see you many times in the future. All the best for 2012.


  5. Clive Walker Says:

    Great night at the Brook Monday night. You all had so much energy and performed to the very highest level. Thanks for a great night, appalling weather outside snow inside fantastic 🙂


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