Mostly Autumn are very proud and excited to announce the pre-sale of the special edition of their new album…
The Ghost Moon Orchestra.

The special edition will be limited to 2000 and will consist of, as well as The Ghost Moon Orchestra; a second album entitled A Weather For Poets, which will be an acoustic album with some new and some re-worked Mostly Autumn songs.

“Some songs, which don’t fit the ‘vibe’ of the main album, but work beautifully as acoustic songs make this special edition album the ideal place to showcase them. Also some Mostly Autumn songs work really well acoustically and again, this is the ideal way to put a different slant on them. I hope you will enjoy it.” Bryan Josh

This special edition is on sale at £20.00 (plus P & P) only from Mostly Autumn records and we hope to be shipping it late May/early June.

We also have a very special offer. For £35.00 (plus P & P) we would like to invite you to a special event in York on May 12th 2012.

A chance to attend a party to hear the new album before it even goes to press. You will be the first to hear it.

You will also hear the second album ‘A Weather For Poets’ performed live by Mostly Autumn.

You will receive a signed print of the album cover.

This is in addition to the special edition album which you will receive when it is pressed.

This party will take place at a venue to be confirmed in or around York on May 12th 2012 and is limited to 200 people. You really will be the first to hear it in its entirety and the band will, of course, be in attendance.
You will be sent special tickets confirming the venue, start times etc.
Please go to Mostly Autumn Records and order the’special offer’

As always, thank you so much for your support – we wouldn’t be able to do this without you.


  1. Claire Bolgil Says:

    Hi Bryan,
    Just pre-ordered the new album and can’t wait for it to be produced. If we were still living in the UK there’s absolutely no doubt we would have come along to the special evening in York – we really do miss seeing you all live, and hope that one day you will be able to make it out here to BC in Canada. Each time we’re back in the UK we seem to miss a live date by a few weeks, but maybe in 2013 we could coincide a visit and introduce you to our newly adopted twins!
    All our best wishes,
    Claire and Mufit


  2. John & Sharron Goode Says:

    Wonderful news! Really looking forward to the launch party – great idea!
    John & Sharron


  3. Hi!

    I can’t wait to hear the new album, do you get a copy of the album with the special offer?



  4. Peter Benedetta Says:

    Hi guys just found out about an 1 hour ago that the new album is gonna released may/June. I ordered the special offer option instantly, I feel the idea to play both albums to only 200 ppl shows yet again just how underground n off the radar u guys really r. Your music is for mature ppl who want both that energy n feeling that classic rock of old used to have. Ppl today r to stupid n dumbed down by all of this pop crap, thank goodness there is at least one band left that keeps it real live n most of all feeling driven. This is one of the most underground ideas I ve ever come across n if I am there that night I shell truly be honored to have listened to one of rocks greatest under rated bands. Your music proves it ain’t about bloody singles chart positions or How many things u can sell with ya name on it, your music does what very few bands does these days the talking itself rock on now n forever n can’t wait to see u before the new albums out.


  5. autumn spirit
    This was the news I have been waiting for another magical night in York cannot wait.


  6. Pete Howcroft Says:

    Tremendous, just booked for the launch party.
    We look forward to meeting you again and being part of the latest episode.
    Pete & Linzi


  7. Barry and Kia McCracken Says:

    Oh no !!!! Not another trip to York :-)))) We are looking forward to this one.Hotel booked for the weekend and ready to rock !! See ya there !!


    • Chris Davies Says:

      I have reserved the The Ghost Moon Orchestra
      and Launch Party>

      Can you recommend a Hotel in the York Area please.


      • Pete Howcroft Says:

        Hi Chris,
        We normally book in the centre etc but not sure if the party is in York centre itself as it says it will take place at a venue to be confirmed in or around York.
        York’s fantastic!


  8. Can’t wait! if this album is even close to the brilliant Go Well Diamond Heart then we are in for something special


  9. Jan Wouters Says:

    Hallo Bryan,
    I just ordered your new album. Sorry but I can’t come on 12 th may.
    But I will see you and your friends somewhere in the Netherlands.
    Maybe In the PUL in Uden?? That’s only 4 km from where I live. So You are invited to come there again.
    Greetings from Jan Wouters


  10. Thanks for this guys – brilliant idea to do album and gig in one hit. Can’t wait to see you all again at the launch – been a long time since Islington.
    (BTW will be driving up from Bedford on the Saturday so if there is anyone in the area who needs a lift, please give me a shout via this posting.)


  11. What if you only want one copy of the album but there is two of us wanting to come to the launch party?


  12. had mine ordered by 8.30 last night…gosh may/june seems such a long way away, this is my 5th special addition and all worth while both for extras and to give band freedom in what they do


  13. Looking forward to this shindig. Mind blowing music,Good company
    York a beautiful town which I haven’t seen for ages. Could you suggest a good hotel, Will be travelling from Stoke on the train. No driving, What a treat.


  14. Rory Pritchard Says:

    Bryan, we spoke a little about the new album at Fibbers last November and so pleased it’s well on the way to completion so we all can share the next incredible journey with you all.
    Hopefully I’ll be lucky enough to get a ticket for the launch (ordered) which will be another Fantastic occassion.


  15. Rory Pritchard Says:

    Sorry if it sounds greedy but I’ve ordered the special pack and wondered if it was possible to orderr a second ticket for my wife?


    • Hi Rory

      Thanks for your order, unfortunately we are not selling tickets alone for the gig. We appreciate it may be an issue for couples but as tickets are limited it seemed the fairest thing to do.

      We look forward to seeing you there anyway and hope you enjoy it.


      • Rory Pritchard Says:

        Many thanks for the reply and I fully
        understand – just need a good excuse
        to explain why I may be going alone. Lol


  16. dougie the mega Says:

    cant wait any idea of the venue yet as i wud like to book accomodation ,


  17. just bought the special edition package and im over the moon at last like the olde times when i first saw you at roman bath and old de grey rooms and blakey cannot wait to see this great york band which i love nand follow from the heart it will be a great night and it will be the first time i get to see olivia live with mostly autumn as lead singer thank you guys this means alot to a big mostly fan


  18. Nigel Hambrook Says:

    Any idea when i will know if my ticket application for the launch of the new Cd has been sucessfull, as driving up from Ipswich area, and need to book a hotel for the Saturday night.


    • Hi Nigel

      Details will be sent to you this week – if you haven’t heard anything so far you have been successful! Look forward to seeing you there.


  19. Andrew Cassells Says:

    Can you confirm the venue as soon as possible as I am travelling up from London and my friend is travelling down from Montrose in Scotland and we will have to book a hotel, so as early a warning as possible of the venue would be great. See you on the 12th May.


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