Thank you very much to everyone who has pre ordered The Ghost Moon Orchestra so far. Work on the album is ‘full steam ahead’.

Thanks also to the 200 people who ordered the special offer including the very special first hearing of the album and the live performance of the special edition acoustic album ‘A Weather For Poets’ – this has now sold out and we look forward very much to seeing you on May 12th – details will be sent by e mail to all of you who provided an e mail address, otherwise by post or phone.

Another thank you to everyone who voted for Mostly Autumn as the BEST BAND of 2011 in the Classic Rock Society Awards. This was a brilliant surprise – we’re very proud. This society does wonderful things for Classic rock bands and it’s a privilege to be part of it.

We will be announcing tour dates very soon for a late summer/autumn tour including the recording of a live DVD at The Boerderij (NL) in September.
An exciting year ahead – we look forward to seeing you along the way.

2 Responses to “BEST BAND…..MOSTLY AUTUMN (CRS AWARDS 2011)…”

  1. Peter Benedetta Says:

    I am Glad they got best band of 2011 they really deserve it. in a world where music is no longer about talent and just plain image these guys n gals are a testement that music played from the heart not for the fame always has n always will work better. i know the new album will be gr8 yes there will be some who ll not like it but hey thats whats gr8 about MA, u like or not like what you hear based on what u hear and see, not like the crappy talentless pop sellouts of today, who think writting a 3 minute pop song about love(which i bet is already written for them they just mime) makes them the best thing ever. Thats the reason why MA dont get the credit they deserve coz so many ppl r brainwashed with the pop trash of today that all sounds the same. I cant wait for the new tour to start as i will no doudt be seeing them as much as i can, i am proud to like real rock written by real song writters who can both play n preform live not using all this stage propped crap n fancy stuff to make em famous. MA are here to stay and if anyone dont like it fine but deal with it coz weather ppl wanna addmit this how many more REAL bands r left in this dark age of talentless music stuff the fixed x factor give me MA live any day. Well done again for the best band award you lot fully deserved it as always rock on now n forever.


  2. The Best Band …..full stop…period….NO CONTEST


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