The Ghost Moon Orchestra is here….

Well, we are pleased to say that all pre-orders were shipped within 2 days of the CD’s arriving last week – a big, big thank you has to go out to Jean and Andy, and all who helped them – Tom and the wonderful staff at the post office especially – it’s no mean feat to pack and post all those CD’s in 2 days.  Brilliant job!!

Again, thank you to everyone who has ordered this Special Edition – your support is invaluable and we hope you are enjoying it – it seems so, as Bryan says….

Hi everyone, hope all is well.

Great to see the special edition album has reached most of you. We would all like to thank you for all your comments on various sites, especially the overwhelming amount of positive emails we have received about the album, it’s always great to hear.

This time I took a personal interest in observing the responses of people close to us listening to the album on several occasions over time and it was very interesting to see that, as many of you have voiced, the album started to express itself properly, not on the third listen, more like the tenth.

I had a very interesting conversation with my brother Andy who expressed little on the first few listens but then went on to say…”take a flower in late spring, fairly pleasing to the eye but closed up and dense, then, with every listen acting like the sun and rain, the flower opens – the petals, like individual songs, growing, then at a certain point it just hits you and you see the beauty for what it really is.” Personally I think he hit the nail on the head and the next step will be to bring them to the live environment and we can’t wait.

 Cheers everyone,

 Bryan Josh.

 PS. It’s also worth mentioning that the Cambridge Rock Festival will be an older set as we are holding the new material back for the tour which kicks off in Holmfirth on 31st August.

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  1. Dave Nelson Says:

    I’d just like to add that my copy has just arrived in Sydney, Australia. How is that for fast postage!


  2. Just a short note to say thanks for the quick delivery of my 3 copies (in NL) and…. what a great album, indeed it grows with every play, but I am now loving it already, all songs are fantastic in every way. Very, very good ! See you on tour in Belgium and NL later this year. cheers Piet


  3. Stephen Chamberlain Says:

    Heard the album twice at the album launch but memories had dimmed by the time the CD arrived. Now on my 5th listen of the CD and keep hearing new things all the time and most of the songs have now wormed their way in to (what passes for ) my brain ! Really beginning to “get” the album now and looking forward to hearing the songs live for the first time at Holmfirth !

    Stephen C


  4. Kevin McFarlane Says:

    “it was very interesting to see that, as many of you have voiced, the album started to express itself properly, not on the third listen, more like the tenth.”

    LOL. I’ve not yet reached my 3rd listen!

    It’s interesting how these things turn out. I recently bought Panic Room’s and Rush’s latest. PR was very accessible on first listen while still permitting discoveries on subsequent ones. Rush’s was less accessible than TGMO but after about eight listens I love it. Chances are I should have gotten into TGMO in somewhat less than ten! 🙂

    Three very different albums but that’s what we appreciate. 🙂


  5. dougie the mega Says:

    Bryan it is a very powerful album hearing at the post office club a t concert level obviously put adiffernt dimension on it wen i did here at home i didnt quiet have the same effect .any three plays along now well into it some epic tracks bandxand livvy sounding mrga .may have to give a spin ony my surround system.cant wait to hear it live looks like november before i hear it sure it will ne wort waitin for many thanks for a mega album keep it live .


  6. thnaks for the new cd guys,arrived tuesday ,havent stoped playing it ,took me 3 listens till it really bit ,and i just luv the accoustic bonus disk


  7. another amazing album got it yesterday and can’t stop listening to it not one bad song on it


  8. david stone Says:

    A darkly majestic album,well worth the wait!


  9. True beauty is always hidden in mature form, what the eyes and soul truly seek she’ll be found like the falling of an autumn leaf that has fully expressed itself with time.


  10. Yesterday my package arrived. Gonna give it its first spin this weekend — and I’m sure many more will follow. Thanks!


  11. Pete Howcroft Says:

    Top of the Word, all I can say is that I’m on Top Of The World!
    Truly fantastic from OUR band.
    In my ears now, and remembering Brian with eyes shut, at Post Ofifice, smiling as he was listening to his and the bands new creation, so proud.


  12. Arturas Jokubauskas Says:

    I’ve got my copy yesterday. Wow!!! Gonna be listening tonight.


    • Don Byatt Says:

      Well it’s taken me half a dozen listens (so not ten!) but I’m now fully into TGMO. I really don’t think there’s a bad track and personal favourites are Tennyson Avenue (love the Spanish style guitar) and Top of the World. Certainly the most consistent album since Passenger and sure to provide many live favourites.


  13. Carlos Galvez Says:

    Hi Brian! I received the new CD today july 21-2012, and I wnat to tell you that I liked it a lot!!!!. Congratulations for you and for the Mostly Autumn, because the band shows great progress and maturity! I am always your fan.
    I would like to make you a little request, please! I think Anne Marie Helder is being very wasted, She is an amazing musician and her talent is very great, I think the band would be enriched with more of her or the band will win more audience if her vocal presence were more involved in the songs and in the composition.

    sorry for my bad english, I hope you understood me well. Chears!


  14. Unfortunatly my copy did not arrive yet, though Austria is much closer to UK than Australia. I hope the problem can be solved as I cannot wait to list to it!


  15. Bill Richards Says:

    Having now listened to The Ghost Moon Orchestra over a dozen times, I have to rank it up among my favourite Mostly Autumn albums. In terms of a favourite track… tricky, although I love the chorus of Drops of the Sun and the showcase it gives Olivia’s voice. A Weather for Poets is a nice bonus, although I am certainly not listening to it as much.


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