Cambridge Rock Festival 2012…..

Seems a while ago now but what a great festival.  Absolutely wonderful time was had by all as far as we could see, great bands, great atmosphere and great beer (duly sampled by the band – heroically doing their bit to boost the bar takings ).

Thanks to Dave and all who had a hand in organising it.

Thank you also for all the kind comments on the gig and new album The Ghost Moon Orchestra, it was lovely to meet so many of you after the Mostly Autumn set and during the weekend.

Also great to see Ben (Parkinson) walking!!  What an inspiration – a great introduction to a fantastic gig.


Go Well,  Diamond Heart



Photos from the Cambridge Rock Festival 2012 courtesy of Howard Rankin.

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  1. Amazing gig at the CRB, I bought the new live CD which is equally brilliant, apart from where Bryan smudged his signature…tee…hee!


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