Come along….Holmfirth, London and the Robin 2…

It’s rehearsals all the way this week for the start of the tour this weekend.  The new songs are sounding fantastic –  it’s going to be great to hear  them played live.

So – if you can make it it would be wonderful to see you..

Picturedrome, Holmfirth on Friday

London O2 Academy, Islington on Saturday

Robin 2, Bilston on Sunday

6 Responses to “Come along….Holmfirth, London and the Robin 2…”

  1. See you all in London,we are looking forward to hearing the new material as well as old favorites


  2. Really looking forward to this tour, it’s been a long wait. See you at Holmfirth and hopefully a few more?


  3. Stephen Chamberlain Says:

    Will be at Holmfirth on Friday and really looking forward to hearing TGMO songs live. Hope that there are still plenty from GWDH too !

    Stephen C


  4. Why no Nottingham this year?I suffer from M/S and travel is rather problematic.Good luck,i hope to see you next year.


  5. Rory Pritchard Says:

    Definitely see you at Bilston and will try hard to get to Holmfirth. After the incredible launch night in York, I and many others have been waiting too hear it all live. sure it will be incredible.


  6. Andrew Cassells Says:

    See you at Islington tomorrow night. Can’t wait to hear the new stuff live.


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