This weekend….

Get along to …..

Friday – The Sage – Gateshead

Saturday –The Met – Bury

Sunday – The Cathouse – Glasgow

Look forward to seeing you there….

Thanks to all of you who were at the gigs last weekend – great attendance, we hope you enjoyed them – the new songs seem to be going down well and the band are on fire!



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  1. Glasgow Sunday…see you there


  2. Rory Pritchard Says:

    Bilston was fabulous and yes good to hear the new stuff live at long last. Everyone near me liked it. It was great to chat to Bryan, Iain and Andy afterwards about Secrets for September and the choice of songs for the gigs. Definitely see you again at the Bury Met on Sat night.


  3. Rory Pritchard Says:

    I thought Bilston last Sunday was very good, but somehow, tonight in Bury at the Met, you got everything spot on! The sound quality was superb, the set was a dream, the performance incredibly excellent, the timing impeccable, the audience excellent, the whole experience was one of those rare and momentous occasions to be privileged to witness. The love of what you all put in simply cascaded over all of us, privileged to be there. Thank you seems so inadequate, but lovely to be part of the MA family.


  4. great gig at bury last night the band was in great firm and special credit to the sound people, the sound at bury is always brilliant


  5. Many thanks to the band for stopping off in Glasgow last night. Not a bad turnout for a Sunday night. I thought the new songs came across very well live and of course it’s always good to hear a few old favourites. The band were certainly in great form and it made for a really enjoyable night. There were perhaps a few sound gremlins (not uncommon at the Cathouse) but this did not detract from the overall occasion.

    Best of luck with the DVD recording. Zoetermeer is always a great concert. Unfortunately I won’t make it this time but look forward to the DVD issue in due course.

    Thanks again.


  6. Agree with Eric great gig with some usual Cathouse sound problems..Livi has a great voice and the new songs show them off well


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