And now for the DVD….

After the wonderful start to the tour (thank you so much for the kind comments and amazing support), and now that the new songs have bedded in,  it’s time to record it all onto DVD at De Boerdereij in Zoetermeer NL on Saturday.  It will be a great gig there and if anyone can make it they won’t be disappointed.

But before that – on Friday it’s the wonderful Spirit of 66 in Verviers, Belgium – one of the great, friendly venues – so full of character – a true rock venue!

And also…The Ghost Moon Orchestra is number 38 in the Official UK Rock album charts!!!   Yeahhh!!!!

And a great review of The Ghost Moon Orchestra in the Classic Rock Magazine  ….


3 Responses to “And now for the DVD….”

  1. We are lifting off from Leeds Bradford to Amsterdam on Friday, then to Zoetermeer Saturday for what will no doubt be, another fantastic MA experience.
    Looking forward to meeting our friends in Holland


    • We came from Germany to Zoetermeer and experienced a memorable concert in a familiar atmosphere 6 meters from the stage, all MA’s gave their best and had fun themselves (I’m sure). Great, fantastic, heebie-jeebies. Can’t await the DVD…


  2. We live in NL but as usual we will cross the Belgium border and travel 2x 150 km to go to the great Spirit of 66. Also great to read about the chart entry and the good review; well done, MA truly deserves it !


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