Tavistock, Cardiff and Bath…………and a great review of the Islington gig…

After an extremely good couple of gigs in the lovely NL it’s back to the beautiful south of the UK and Wales this weekend.  Last chance before December to see the band in full flow!!

In the latest issue of Classic Rock Presents Prog magazine you will find an article on Mostly Autumn, a review of The Ghost Moon Orchestra and a review of the gig at the O2 Islington (see below).  All fantastic and worth reading … but see for yourself this weekend…..

Friday 28th – The Wharf – Tavistock

Saturday 29th – The Gate – Cardiff

Sunday 30th – Bath Komedia – Bath



5 Responses to “Tavistock, Cardiff and Bath…………and a great review of the Islington gig…”

  1. Love the new album more every time I listen to it and looking forward to Tavistock on Friday


  2. looking forward to see you guys at Tavistock! I never been there but I will be because of you!


  3. MA – thank you for such a great performance in Cardiff last night – must be up there with one of your best, I know you appreciated the response from the small crowd – hard luck to those who didn’t venture out – you missed an absolute blinder!!


  4. To all of MA,
    I was another of the small crowd in Cardiff last night (Birthday Pressie). What an incredible sounding band live (1st time seeing MA). Each of of the band members put their heart and soul into producing a near perfect set. Meeting Brian and half time was great and so down to earth (thanks for wishing me Happy Birthday).

    For the ones who missed this concert – Your Loss I am afraid. Even my daughter said that it was great to see people who obviously enjoy their profession and can actually play and sing and not the manufactured stuff from the new so called celebrities….

    This was a first class concert. I did wonder what the band thought and how they would perform when they saw the size of the crowd. That soon ended after the first song. I am still boring my wife with the performance you guys put on.

    To all – Diolch yn Fawr Iawn (Thank you very much) and I for one will be there whenever you come anywhere near South Wales. You all have more talent in your little fingers that these so called manufactured ‘Lip Sinc’ …………

    One excellent night – thank you all for making the concert the highlight of my birthday.


  5. david everett Says:

    To all the band,
    Thanks for coming to Cardiff enjoyed the concert shame it was a small turnout. Enjoyed every track real music from a great band. I went to the last show at the globe which I enjoyed but the show you put on this time came over far better with Livee’s powerfull voice.And I loved Ann’s flute parts. keep up the good work.David.


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