At the pressing plant….

The special offer for the DVD and CD has now finished – the DVD and the CD are now on sale separately from Mostly Autumn Records

They are at the pressing plant now and delivery should be before the end of the month if all goes to plan!!

Thank you all for your support – we hope you enjoy them.

DVD_mockup_ cover

3 Responses to “At the pressing plant….”

  1. Stephen Chamberlain Says:

    Now fairly close to the end of the month – is all going to plan ?
    Looking forward to it hitting my door mat !

    Stephen C


  2. Hai,
    I received the DVD last week: GREAT!!!!!
    Thanks for all the concerts and this DVD!!


  3. Paul Grant Says:

    Absolutely a blinding DVD, the best that the band has ever done. Cannot stop playing it, usual great guitar and other instruments but the fantastic vocals take the band to a new level. I was at the Islington concert which was great, but somehow this DVD captures the band at such a peak, cannot wait for the next record and to see you live again.


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