Upcoming shows……

Hello everyone

We’re all very excited about the shows coming up next weekend, its been too long!! The Mostly Autumn engines are primed as we speak!…..

First- on Thursday it’s Bath Komedia, then up to the Robin 2 at Bilston on Friday  then a new venue- The Citadel in St Helens on Saturday and finally The Brook in Southampton on Sunday.

Lots more dates to be announced next week…..

Really hope to see you there

18 Responses to “Upcoming shows……”

  1. Great, see you there, woohoo


  2. Keith Smith Says:

    Would usually be at the Robin gig but Kate and I are getting married next Saturday so we can’t get there. We will be with you in spirit


  3. Looking forward to some more great gigs’ Good luck guys.


  4. Del Smith Says:

    Good luck with the giigs, would have liked to make it to Bath but can’t do it unfortunately. I hope you have some more shows to announce. What are the chances of you coming back to Tavistock this year ?


  5. Del Smith Says:

    Gutted I can’t get to Bath this Thursday but good luck with the gigs !What are the chances of you coming back to Tavistock later this year ?


  6. Dave robertson Says:

    So looking forward to seeing at he robin tomorrow night again. Loved the live cd and just keep playing it.


  7. Chris Adams Says:

    First Mostly Autumn gig tonight and looking forward to it. Had some good recommendations so the bar is high guys! Play your hearts out for me.


  8. Stephen Chamberlain Says:

    Good to see the new dates later in the year – especially as I can actually get to some of them !

    Stephen C


  9. manontheedge Says:

    Great, just printed my e-ticket for London. Hopefully it will be warmer then the last time I saw them at HRH.


    • Phil Wain Says:

      great gig at the Robin 2 last night, the band were on top form, new drummer did brilliant too ( didn’t catch his name though)


      • The drummer was Alex Cromarty, he plays in The Heather Findlay band too.

        It was a good gig; it was great to hear Nowhere to Hide and a couple of Josh & Co. songs – I’d love to hear one from Liam’s album at some point. The only disappointment was the absence of the lineup and bow at the end. I thought it’d become a Mostly Autumn tradition! I think a few people thought it meant another encore was coming. 🙂


      • Roger Newport Says:

        The drummer’s name is Alex Cromarty. He’s the drummer with the Heather Findlay Band.


  10. Dave robertson Says:

    Excellent gig at robin 2 last night . Great setlist with mix of old and new stuff. Only 7 months till December.


  11. Peter Benedetta Says:

    hi guys just wanted to say thanks for a gr8 gig last night at the robin, bryan it was an honor talking to u. big thanks to all the band as it was truly a wonderful set varied and full of energy. my sister was happy to have pass u that stone livy as she sends her love n thanks.


  12. Jonathan SMith Says:

    Excellent show at the Robin last night. Really enjoyed the high energy, rockin’ set list and good to see the band seemingly enjoying themselves so much. Cheers!


  13. ian almond Says:

    looking good for the gig at Bury, 22nd June is there something Bryan and Livvy need to tell us?


  14. Andrew Cassells Says:

    Already got my ticket for the Islington gig. Can’t wait.


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