Announcement from Bryan….

Hi everyone

Thank you so much to everybody who came to see us last weekend, it was great to get back on the road.  Your appreciation was superb and it seems we have discovered a wonderful new venue – The Citadel in St. Helens – what a great place – I think we’ll be back there!

As you will have noticed if you came to any of the gigs, there was a different drummer – in order for Mostly Autumn to progress and move forward freely I have had to take the decision to choose the line-up on a tour by tour basis, as members sometimes, quite rightly, have their own commitments.  For the rest of the year, barring 3 concerts, Alex Cromerty from the Heather Findlay Band, will be drumming with us in place of Gavin.  Hannah Hird (most recently seen harmonising with Ellie Golding on her recent tour) will be fulfilling the rest of the year on harmony vocals and keys in place of Anne-Marie.

We sincerely wish Anne- Marie and Gavin the best of luck with anything they do and look forward to embracing the many talents of Hannah and Alex.  The rest of the band will be as normal.

Can’t wait to see you all again.

Bryan Josh

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  1. Anthony Says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed the first few gigs. Alex did very well at short notice and while Anne-Marie and Gavin will both be missed, I hope both new members, however temporary, are given a warm welc opp me.


  2. Dave robertson Says:

    Sorry to see Anne go but she is always on the go and has her new project with Jonathan Edwards.after seeing him with at robin 2 Alex seems great drummer and life moves on. See u at robin in December.


  3. Stephen Chamberlain Says:

    Will miss Gavin greatly as he brought something extra to the band but I am sure that Alex will prove to be a very able replacement.
    Really sad to see Anne-Marie leave as I have been a huge fan since her days with Karnataka. But life moves on. Does Hannah play flute too or will the flute parts be played on keyboards in the future ?
    Goodbye and thanks for everything to Gavin and Anne-Marie but a warm welcome to Alex and Hannah too !

    Stephen C


  4. Clive Walker Says:

    Sad news, Anne-Marie always seemed to enjoy herself playing with MA, same with Gavin. All the best to them both. Hello to Alex and Hannah.


  5. Tony Morgan Says:

    You do say “on a tour by tour basis” so perhaps Anne-Marie will be back. Good to see you at St Helens Anne-Marie.


  6. Eddie Malthouse Says:

    Massive losses to MA. You all seem such a happy family. Wonderful gig at the Citadel – getting better and better. Hope Hannah can play flute because the MA sound needs it. Good luck Anne-Marie – hope its just a temporary absence!


    • ian almond Says:

      Welcome to Alex and Hannah hope it goes well and i am sure all Mostly Autumn are right behind.
      Selecting a touring line up year seems a really sensible idea and would seem to mean that there is every chance we will see Gavin and Anne Marie again at some time in the future. As both have made such a contribution to MA over the past few years


  7. No, no, please don’t let Anne-Marie go, she’s definitively an integral part of the MA Sound and family. I can’t imagine missing her appearance and her flute playing….


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