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We are delighted to announce the new album from Mostly Autumn – ‘Dressed in Voices’ is well under way as we speak.

As usual, to help fund the recording etc. We are offering the chance to pre-order a limited edition  double album of all new music and limited to 2000 copies.  The second album will never be released again.

In the past your support for this has been invaluable and all copies have sold out quickly.  Yet again we thank you.

Also, by popular demand, we are offering an option to attend an acoustic gig and the very first airing of the new album which will be in York on 9th May.  This will be limited to around 200 people where you will be able to socialise with the band and receive a signed copy of the limited edition double album of ‘Dressed in Voices’ – hot off the press.

It was a lovely experience last time as many people have commented. Venue to be confirmed – we will contact you by  e-mail.

The price to pre-order the limited edition will be £22.00 plus P & P

The price for the special first listen party will be £40 which includes the acoustic gig, first listen and the signed Limited edition of Dressed in Voices.

A word from Bryan: –

Greetings everybody, I trust all is well.
What can I say about our new “Dressed in Voices” album? Well, without giving much away, it all started when I went away last October to write a jolly old Josh n Co album. The first thing that happened was a song that wrote itself on the first touch of the piano. I knew immediately that this wasn’t a jolly old Josh n Co song but indeed had the heavy dark stamp of a Mostly Autumn song with a concept within it. I tried to ignore it and wistfully carry on with the original plan but found it impossible to ignore, and so the album story continued to present itself and I knew we had  no choice but to fulfil the concept.
To sum it up as best I can for now… this certainly isn’t a set of cheery pop songs… but there is sunshine in the darkest places  –  be prepared for a journey – we have “mostly” never sounded like this album before!!

25 Responses to “Dressed in Voices……”

  1. kev.dav5@yahoo.com Says:

    Hi – Can anyone tell me how to order one copy of the album and two tickets for the night in York? (Ended up with 3 copies of GMO!)
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    • Pete Howcroft Says:

      Hi Kev,
      I’ve just ordered 1 & 2 no problem,
      Just finalise quantities at checkout



      • Peter Howcroft Says:

        Forgot to say though, I get one unsigned copy to give as a present to a friend, whilst the signed copies are kept by me cos I’m greedy!


  2. Just pre-ordered the album. Can’t wait. If this is anything like GMO, it’s gonna be well worth the wait.


  3. Peter Benedetta Says:

    Have just pre ordered can’t wait, just know it’s going to rock!. Thanks for a wonderful gig last year guys at the robin n all the other wonderful gigs you ve done. A big thanks for giving us fans the rare chance to purchase this limited edition. A huge thanks to you all.


  4. Rory Pritchard Says:

    The full package ordered immediately I got the email. The last special launch night was astounding. This next one will be better (MA now have the experience of this) and is eagerly awaited. Fabulous news.


  5. its always worth the wait the band should be called mostly awesome ! keep up the great work !


  6. Paul Hodgson Says:

    Fantastic news to start the new year off with Album ordered and looking forward to the acoustic gig , it was a superb night last time All the best to all love Paul Ozzy Hodgson


  7. Ordered the album , unfortunately cant make the launch , but will definitely catch you on the road once or twice thru’ the year , all the best to you all !!


  8. Liam McDonald Says:

    What better way to start the New Year than to know Mostly Autumn have a new album on the way. Can`t wait for the June gig at the Robin 2, last December`s gig was quite superb, and I`m taking my 16 year old nephew with me as he has suddenly discovered the brilliance of MA. Excited!!


  9. Ordered. See you in May!


  10. Clive Walker Says:

    Great news from Bryan looking forward to hearing Dressed in Voices. Good to hear Jolly Josh and Co may appear at some point, I did like Through These Eyes.


  11. Stephen Chamberlain Says:

    Well this has brightened up my year !

    Have ordered the album and the launch event and looking forward to both.

    Stephen C


  12. booked the weekend in York,happy days


  13. Chris Hart Says:

    Gutted – can’t make York this time. Thoroughly recommend to anybody if you are thinking about going, but get in quick! Had a chilled time last year having a drink and chatting with the band in a lovely relaxed atmosphere. Like playing in your front room! Next job is to get the limited edition ordered. See you later in the year MA x


  14. Scott Webster Says:

    Glad its a Friday, £29 room jumps to £118 for the Saturday. See everyone there (as long as it stays the 9th, lol).


  15. Andrew Cassells Says:

    This has brightened up a miserable start to the year for me. Was in York for launch of GMO and have already booked for May this year. Can’t wait.


  16. Greg (Chicago) Says:

    This is fantastic news. Josh & Co. or Mostly Autumn. Either way one thing is for sure. The music will be QUALITY. They have proven it many times. Pre-order with confidence!


  17. Liam McDonald Says:

    Fingers crossed I`ve got my tickets for the May `first airing.` I had an email saying they are endeavoring to ship my order as soon as possible but I`m not sure if that means I`m guaranteed my tickets, I`ll be gutted if I`ve missed out again as I did with the Ghost Moon Orchestra`s `first airing` gig.

    Being an optimistic sort of chap can anyone recommend any good `digs` in York?


  18. alan mcdonald Says:

    Hi, i have paid for a ticket to the gig….i have got the order id-i just have no idea if i am one of the lucky ones-so hope so!!


  19. just pre orderd the new one,good luck guys with the recording makes this year already a cool one


  20. Peter Benedetta Says:

    Hi guys can’t wait to get me hands on the new album, am sure it’s going to great. Bryan both yourself n Olivia are such spiritual people that I am inspired by both your studio n stage presence. Since you like your Celtic music Bryan I found some on YouTube. Type in 2 hours of celtic music otherwise this like should help http://youtu.be/jiwuQ6UHMQg


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