Firstly – thank you for the amazing response to the pre-order of the limited edition of Dressed in Voices. We never cease to be in awe of your faith in our music – you are what keeps us going!

There are still a (very) few tickets left for the First Listen party on 9th May in central York – the venue details etc. will be e mailed soon to all those who have ordered.

Meanwhile – a word from Bryan on how things are progressing in the studio..

Hi everyone

Since the beginning of January it’s been all about writing and laying demos down on a home studio which has been over in Borrowdale and Skipton but for the most part in York. It’s all about recording sketches of the songs to be,  also getting tempos correct and arrangements – in some parts we will actually use some of these performances on the album as it is hard to recreate the magic you initially catch. We then have to transfer  these into the studio, which is where we have been for a lot of the last three weeks. Most of the work in the studio has been transferring these songs and re-recording parts more accurately and in effect, tidying them up so they lay the bones and foundations for the finished product.

We are now at a stage where some keyboards and guitars are going down and also the drums have made their first appearance, which brings me nicely onto the fact that Mr Alex Cromerty has now become a permanent member of Mostly Autumn. We are all very excited about this, his drumming and percussion has proven to work extremely well with the band, drummers like Alex and Gavin are a rare thing to come by, the quality is first class. We would also, on this note, like to wish Gavin all the success for the future, it’s been a real pleasure my friend.

So that’s where we are now, work continues both in and out of the studio and will until the album is finished, lots to do and we may even get some vocals on it, I’ll update you again soon,


Bryan Josh

John studio 2014 Bryan studio 2014 Bryan studio 2014 4 Bryan studio 2014 3 Bryan studio 2014 2 Alex Studio 2014


2 Responses to “Update….”

  1. Rory Pritchard Says:

    As always, it sound absolutely amazing. We all know how dedicated you all are to giving us the most accurate sound and compositions. The launch may be a way off but hopefully here soon so we can all experience this new creation. I know we always expect, but only because you always deliver.


  2. Great news ! I sincerely hope there will be no drum computers and that kind of stuff on this one, and that it will be a band effort as much as possible. And welcome to Alex, I have seen him live four times now (2x with HFB, 2x with MA) and I love his playing as much as I do Gavins. Albeit they are quite different in style, but both excellent in their own right. See you on the road, in November in NL 🙂 !


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