Going to press…..

div sb manewsAfter a very busy few weeks we can finally announce ‘Dressed in Voices’  is going to press!!  Depending on pressing plant delivery times we should be shipping the limited edition in around 3 weeks with the General release version officially  released at the beginning of June.

Thank you so much everybody who has ordered the album already – you make it all possible!

To all those who are coming to the First Listen party on 9th May – you should have received details of venue etc by now via e mail – if you haven’t please e-mail sales@mostly-autumn.com

We are really looking forward to seeing you.

We’d also like to mention a new gig has been added – the Resonance Festival, London on 31st July 2014

See you out on the road soon….Live Dates here


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  1. Ricky Sutton Says:

    Hi, I can’t wait to hear the new album and I’m glad to have pre-ordered it this time cause I ‘ve missed the Limited Edition of Ghost Moon Orchestra. Am a big fan of yours.


  2. Good news, have been impatiently checking website every few days for news, now i can look forward to the postman visiting soon


  3. At the gig in York last night. Again, thanks to you all for the hard work. The promo copy of the new album idea was great because I was able to listen to it three times in the car on the way home (and stay wide awake). Brian, you thought it was a deviation from the normal MA – I think it’s an excellent progression from tracks like Tennyson Mansion. The harmonies between you and Livvy are magic, and make superb use of both voices.
    Looking forward to seeing it performed live on your tour.


  4. Just to say thank you for a brilliant evening yesterday – absolutely amazing , the album is pure genius – intensely emotional and deeply reflective but totally absorbing and enjoyable.
    The beauty of a long drive home is that we were able to listen to the new album three times in the dark and rain – it is truly haunting but so wonderful . I cant stop playing ithe ablum, thinking about the story and the music…. thank you all so much for sharing such talent. S


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