Glad to report all the Limited Edition’s are in the post now – fantastic effort by the local post office at Crichton Avenue in York – thank you! – and of course to those who spent all day packing them – Jean and Andy – take a bow!!

We hope you enjoy it!

Anyway – just to remind everyone – this weekend is the start of the tour: –

Friday 30th – Liquid Rooms, Edinburgh

Saturday 31st – The Met, Bury

Sunday 1st – The Brook, Southampton

There is also a feature and a review of the new album ‘Dressed in Voices’ in Classic Rock Presents Prog – very proud we are!  IMG

16 Responses to “Shipped….”

  1. Paul Naylor Says:

    Quick review……Love it!


  2. Barry McCracken Says:

    Great news. I was starting to panic what with the gig in Edinburgh being tomorrow. I had visions of me standing there open mouthed not knowing a proportion of the setlist (unheard of) !!


  3. Jon McKenna Says:

    item recieved thankyou ! see you at the brook ! Date: Thu, 29 May 2014 19:13:21 +0000 To:


  4. Russell Ashmore Says:

    Just opened the package. Nice surprise as not expecting until next week. That’s this afternoon sorted then.


  5. Peter Benedetta Says:

    Damn this is one amazing bloody album. I knew it was going to be brill, but it’s way better then I expected. I just want to say a huge thanks to all of mostly autumn including the tech team for producing one of the best consistent albums I have ever heard. Tear drop of flame is as close your get to Nightwish as possible absolutely bloody brill, so many good songs can’t pick a fav. All of the band r brill on this n maturity n concept are superb throught. Bryan’s guitar playing reaches new heights of emotional flow. Olivia’s singing is both intricate and powerfully moving. The main album is flawless and the bonus disk is full of hidden gems. Teardrop of flame n stepping stones to name a few. Thanks again to all involved with this album you guys have reached new levels n can now have the right to stand up there with the best. Can’t wait to see n hear these tracks live. See u next week in Bilston.


  6. Simon Lewis Says:

    Listened once in car, twice on headphones. It’s just superb, far better than I expected, a true classic, needs to be listened to as one piece. It’s up there with The Wall and Misplaced Childhood.
    A big ask but would work so well played live as one piece.

    Hard luck guys time to retire your going to struggle to match this one.

    Sunday at the Brook:-D


  7. Simon Lewis Says:


    Best live band I know and this will be something special.

    Typical MA And a real two fingers to the digital 3 min single download culture of late. Good for them standing up for real album music


  8. So where’s mine then? Don’t want to be paranoid but last time I pre-ordered an album (not by MA) it took two weeks to arrive due to there not being a stamp on it!


  9. Malcolm Mahaffy Says:

    You had Crimson with the King , Yes with the Edge , Floyd with the Moon, Genesis with the Lamb, NOW Mostly with Dressed in Voices EPIC
    Thanks for great gig in Edinburgh Last Night see you Glasgow but come back to Edinburgh
    you are all Fantastic , best bonus disc SO FAR…………



  10. Got the new album on Friday and yes it is an amazing piece of work, the only problem was how could they possibly replicate this live?
    On Saturday night all doubts blown away by a brilliant performance of the whole album. The whole band were on top form and i was quite amazed by how such a complex album was delivered by seven musicians on stage.
    This was Mostly Autumn at their very best, get out and see them live on this tour and be blown away


  11. Mark crocker Says:

    Wow, can’t wait. In the words of Monty Python, you lucky, lucky sods- a brand new album and able to see it performed live. I’ll just have to wait for the CD version and then play on high rotation.

    PS: Guys, please don’t retire, no matter how good and well received this album becomes- I need an opportunity to travel to see you live (not much chance here downunder…)


  12. Distant Trainspotter Says:

    Just back from The Brook – fantastic gig as ever. Nice mixture of old favourites to start with and then the second half was a complete run through of Dressed in Voices. Whatever everybody else has said in previous posts, I can only endorse – an absolutely stunning performance! But nobody else has yet mentioned Alex Cromarty’s drumming at the end of the extended Skin On Skin – what a star. Take a bow sir.
    Hope to see it all again at Islington in a few months!!


  13. A Masterpiece 🙂 again… this one definetely ranks up with Passengers… Mostly Autumn always manages to “touch” me with their great music and performance… And a fantastic contribution by BJ Cole on pedal steel, at last a connection to my other all time favorite band (since long disbanded) City Boy… he played pedal steel on their 1976 album Dinner At The Ritz 😉


  14. Mark crocker Says:

    Just received the limited edition downunder 2 days ago. Suffice to say its been on high rotation ever since. I can only agree with everyone- this is absolutely amazing. My favourite previous album was Spirits…, but this is so much better than that amazing CD.

    Thank you guys- at least I can play it often even if I can’t see you live.

    PS: I thought the latest Panic Room CD was amazing, but this Dressed in Voices has raised the bar even higher!


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