Goodbye Judge….

Farewell to the Judge.
Mostly autumn would like to send  love and future best wishes to our dear friend and guitar tech/crew member Ian ‘the Judge’ Naylor who retired last Saturday at our Boerdereij concert. After working with him since the late ninety’s we can’t put into words all the scenes we have shared, but we know he will be greatly missed as a character and work colleague. Magic times my friend, you can come along and ‘have a few’ now.
Love from us all

So.. it’s onward without our dear friend to : –

Norwich Arts Centre on Thursday 4th

Manchester Academy 3 on Friday 5th

Robin 2 on Saturday

and Renfrew Ferry on Sunday

Judge - Jorrit Van Bennekom Judge 2 Jorrit Judge3 Jorrit Judge4 Jorrit Judge5 Jorrit Judge6 Jorrit

photos by Jorrit Van Bennekom


5 Responses to “Goodbye Judge….”

  1. Theo Hamoen Says:

    Hi, I was there at the concert in The Boerderij and it was good to see how the band said goodbye to the Judge.Not an ordinary “goodbye’, but with love and friendship! See you next year at the Boerderij!! ( by the way; it was for the….time a great performence…love to see you!1

    Greetings, Theo

    Date: Tue, 2 Dec 2014 13:34:37 +0000 To:


  2. Ian Naylor Says:

    A massive thank you to all in and around Mostly Autumn for saturday night,it was truly memorable,thank you for the artwork and all the gifts,thank you for being such lovely human beings,most of all thank you for 18 years of amazing music ,love you all .Judgiexx


  3. Tony Quinn Says:

    My time of knowing you Ian I have had t some of my best moments with you and the gang on the road and one comes to mind when you gave Bryan a drink for me at London White Noise tour and I thought Bryan had got for us and found out it was from you, many thanks again, Autumn Spirit may the spirit of Autumn stay with you always!!!.


  4. John Spence Says:

    Well now Judgie…I do hope that we might still have the privelige of your first listen to future albums in the studio? 🙂


    • Ian Naylor Says:

      Hey John you cant get rid of me that easily ,will still be around ,it was always about the music!!!


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