Academy 3, Manchester and Fruit, Hull…..

It’s almost time to start the touring again next month and let’s hope we have more luck getting to the venues on time than we had earlier this month – we had a very traumatic journey down to Tavistock  when our van broke down on the A1 and had to be recovered to the brother of a certain Mr Smith’s home which was very fortunately not too far away.  A big thank you  John!!

We made some very quick alternate travel arrangements and managed to get to The Wharf in time to perform just a little late, again, thanks to all the staff there and to all of you, who were very patient and appreciative…The Show must go on…..

So.. September sees us at the Academy 3 in Manchester on 12th and Fruit, Hull on 19th  – great to see you there..

We have also had some rather nice reviews of Box of Tears – the live version of Dressed in Voices by Classic Rock (Malcolm Dome) and Classic Rock presents Prog (Johnny Sharp)…

Review BOT Prog

Classic rock review bot





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