The Assembly – Leamington Spa……

It’s nearly that time again….Christmas will soon be upon us and we are so looking forward to our last gig of the year: –

13th December at The Assembly, Leamington Spa

This promises to be an amazing evening with the music commencing around 4pm (doors 3.30) and 10pm finish – starting with an acoustic set from Mostly Autumn, followed by a set from Anna Phoebe then two sets from Mostly Autumn, including some Pink Floyd, and with special guests Anna Phoebe, Chris Backhouse and Hannah Hird.

There will also be some photographs on sale in aid of the PDSA by the talented photographer Andrew Lock


See you there..

H R Spirit 15

Photo Howard Rankin

5 Responses to “The Assembly – Leamington Spa……”

  1. Peter Howcroft Says:

    On route on Sunday, one or two Guinness, an overnight stay and what no doubt, will be a full afternoon / night truly spectacular event

    York was something else so looking forward to this eclipse


  2. David Stone Says:

    Any chance of a live offering?


  3. Charlie Donaghy Says:

    travelling down from North Yorks. weather permitting!!, never been to a 5 hour concert, bring it on!


  4. Chris Hart Says:

    Wow, what a day yesterday – FANTASTIC!! Thanks MA and everybody involved. Anna & Aisling absolutely stunning little set also. Coudn’t have wished for a better gig to end 2015. Have a happy, peaceful Xmas and see you in 2016.


  5. I never write pages of complete waffle after gigs & apologies to anyone who wastes 2 mins of their life reading this, but nearly 24 hours later & I’m still dazed – the feeling of going 15 rounds with a heavy weight boxer as each time they’d hit us with the highlight of the show, they hit us harder a few minutes later until you wonder how much more you can take. I pity anyone who attempts to review it properly.

    Mostly Chris was the highlight singing Gaze, but then we had the next highlight of Mostly Alex (is there anything he can’t do musically?) . I’ve seen Hannah play once before in her band so I knew could sing & of course she looked & sounded perfectly at home & had the audience in her hands rather than sneaking off. We had the highlight of Mostly Angela too, & an acoustic set so good I’d have travelled for that alone.

    I’ve seen Dressed in Voices live so many times that I was half disappointed when they started playing, but there was something different last night. Not simply because Anna Phoebe took a couple of songs to a new level, but it was the most powerful performance yet – I don’t know why, might just have been the sound crew got it nailed & the venue was perfect, but the performance blew us away.

    I would have travelled just to hear The Gap, as we were teased a little in Holland & Belgium without the violin, but I think I was still taking everything in & ended up mesmerised by rather than actually watching it.

    The Floyd set was an hour of dancing & singing along & more highlights – appreciating how damn good Andy is for one. But can anyone honestly tell me Floyd play On The Turning Away with more power & feeling than MA?

    And then it was Xmas. Apologies to anyone who hates Spaceman, & apologies to MA for pestering them to do it, but we saw Chris sing it last year & it literally left us with goosebumps as it was so unexpected hearing this wonderful voice from the back of the stage, so thank you for playing it again.

    We decided to spend the 2 hour drive home listening to something else, but ended up playing MA & realising we could do the journey listening to great songs they hadn’t squeezed into the show – how on earth did they not play Evergreen? or Pass The Clock?

    I’ve been lucky to go to some amazing gigs, but they don’t compare. Even watching Sigur Ros at Jodrell Bank under the night sky didn’t leave me dazed the next day. And talking of the night sky, I’ve missed out loads of things as it would run to pages if I tried to recall every highlight, but as I can’t stop humming & playing Anna’s violin part of Night Sky in my head, it’ll have to be that, & I know Uta was doing the shopping this morning singing Spaceman!

    Cheers from the bottom of our hearts (as Bryan would say) til 2016.


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