Something landed in the back lane this morning…

Thank goodness it’s not an inter-dimensional gateway….

Thank you so much to everyone who has ordered Transylvania – it’ll be with you soon…


11 Responses to “Something landed in the back lane this morning…”

  1. Michael wyett Says:

    Great news, can’t wait!!


  2. Whoever Dares Says:

    Excellent – can’t wait to get my teeth into this one!!!


  3. Stephen Bird Says:

    Crack on


  4. David Carter-Davis Says:

    Really looking forward to it! 🙂


  5. Keith New Says:

    Looking forward tovhearingvit


  6. Lets hope it goes for the throat


  7. Brilliant! The kids and myself have been looking forward to this since we heard about it. We’re the ones always at the front when you play in Wath; Amelia, my 9 year old won’t have it any other way at a M.A. gig! Will you be touring Transylvania (as in the album…I don’t mean touring in Transylvania!)…


  8. Rory pritchard Says:

    Let me guess, by your face you’ve forgotten how to spell my name!


  9. Graham Smith Says:

    Handy being off this week….popped out and got back at lunchtime and Transylvania was there on the mat as I opened the door! Just given it a first play and it’s brilliant, absolutely fantastic! Love it already and am now subjecting the neighbours to a second blast! The story is great and I hope there will be some live dates to promote the album,especially in the South please! Thanks Bryan, everyone will love this.


  10. Your music makes me felicitous…


  11. Whoever Dares Says:

    A Man In Black on the cover, a song called Rainbow……..

    Anyhow , love it , roll on Parts 2 and 3!


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