So excited about tomorrow….

It’s hard to express how honoured we feel to be part of this show, the four piece Mostly Autumn will be myself, Olivia, Alex and Iain covering keys and bass.
See you soon,
Bryan Josh.



Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow


25 JUN 2016

It’s a Saturday

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  1. Erwin Klokgieters Says:

    Have Fun and play a good and heavy set for the rainbow 🌈 fans! I saw rainbow last Friday in Lorely and they were awesome!!! Hopefully you get a chance to make a chat with Ritchie and Olivia with Candice 😉 see you in Apeldoorn at the blues café. Greetings Erwin Klokgieters (Dutch Radio 📻) xxx


  2. I hope you guys make a DVD of this show, cos it will be Awesome, and for us that live overseas this would be a wonderful way for us to also see the show.
    Thank you.
    And of course I would like a signed copy, hahah


  3. I really would give nearly everything to join this show tonight. I’m so unhappy…but I live in the middle of Germany and would have to travel more than 1000 Kilometers :-(((


    • well, we came here from middle of Poland, little more than 1000 km:) Mostly Autumn gave a great show, now waiting for Rainbow!


      • OMG, if I had known this before….!
        You could have had picked me up at half of the trip, near Fulda.
        Oh, I fear this is very bad english grammar 😁


  4. David Wetherell Says:

    Went to the show. Heard nothing but compliments about the band. I was wearing a MA t shirt and people came up to asking me to recommend albums, etc, so obviously they made great impression.


    • Erwin Klokgieters Says:

      Hey David that’s great te hear !!! hopefully some new fans that would be Great !! THey have made a great impression that’s good for the band 🙂 I love them !!! and play them often in my radioshow…. How long did they play ? and do you have the complete setlist ? Greetings from Holland


      • David Wetherell Says:

        Hi Erwin. They played for approx 35 minutes. Did old faithfuls like Evergreen and Heroes Never Die, two new songs and a couple of others. I’ve seen the band lots of times, but never to a crowd that size. It’s only what they deserve.


  5. I’m still buzzing. It was such a special night that will go down in history. Great choice of songs for the occasion and I can’t believe I saw you play to an appreciative audience of over 10,000. Hope the 4 of you enjoyed it as much as I did.


  6. Andrew Weeks Says:

    It seems to have gone down well, congratulations to all.

    Any chance og knowing what the set list was?


  7. Dave Hobbs Says:

    Brilliantly done the four of you supporting Rainbow. You upped the game and your sound filled the arena. I felt so proud of my “little band ” (sorry that sounds patronising or demeaning , but I hope you know what I mean.
    Oh , and Ritchie wasn’t bad either….


  8. Glen Doucet (Canada) Says:

    Glad to hear that the show went well, would have been great to be there, MA deserve to be known worldwide, they are an amazing band…


  9. Glen Doucet (Canada) Says:

    Glad the show went well with Rainbow……happy that more people got to see what a truly great band MA are….should be worldwide stars….


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