The Assembly – Leamington…..

Well, it’s been a lovely summer and nearly time for Mostly Autumn to be back in action.  We have a very special gig coming up at The Assembly, Leamington Spa on Sunday 9th October.  This will be from 3pm until 10pm and will feature a Mostly Autumn acoustic set, where there will be performances by individual members, as well as the full band. This was received extremely well last year at the same venue – who knew Alex could play the guitar and sing?

We also have the absolutely amazing Papillon (Anna Phoebe and Nicolas Rizzi) – they captivate us every time we hear them, as I’m sure all of you who have seen them will agree.

Mostly Autumn will play two sets, the first being a set of songs which have inspired the band members – guaranteed some Pink Floyd and who knows what else!!! The second, a set of their own music in their own inimitable style, with Anna Phoebe as guest on a few numbers .

There will be an hour or so interval, during which there will be some time to say hello to the band.

Please join us for this festival of Mostly Autumn – back following the overwhelmingly positive feedback from last year.  We’re looking forward to seeing you.




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  1. K.P. Platenkamp Says:

    We will be there and looking forward to it!


  2. Last year’s gig at Leamington was the best gig I’ve been to (and I don’t just mean Mostly Autumn) The atmosphere for last hour and the ‘Christmas’ set was simply magical. Probably too early for Christmas songs but I just can’t wait.


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