Sight of Day…

Greetings everybody

Hope all is well.

It seems so long ago since the release of Dressed in Voices and a new album is long overdue, so we’re delighted to announce : –

Sight of Day – the new album from Mostly Autumn

As usual we are asking for your help to fund this project so we are offering a pre-order limited edition double album, the second disc of which will be songs only available on this edition and limited to 2000 copies.

The limited edition will be shipping as soon as humanly possible –  latest January 2017 – we’ll keep you informed of progress,  with the general release single album planned for late February (TBC).

As always, your amazing support means the world to us

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Very much looking forward to seeing you on the road soon, starting in Leamington next Sunday 9th October.

Exciting times ahead….

Bryan Josh


Sight of Day – Limited Edition pre-order

Price £22 plus P & P

13 Responses to “Sight of Day…”

  1. michael wyett Says:

    Great news I’ve ordered, roll on January!


  2. Amazing news. I’ts been a long wait. I wonder whether any material will be showcased at Leamington?


  3. Great news cannot wait looking forward to the new CD. 😎🎵🎵🎵


  4. Whoever Dares Says:



  5. Rory Pritchard Says:

    CD ordered. The excitement is wondering what amazing and tantalizing delights await us.


  6. Scott Blajszczak Says:

    The pick me up that post-Christmas will need!


  7. Andrew Weeks Says:

    CD ordered, big ask after “Dressed in Voices” but I am 100% confident that it will exceed all expectations.

    Is there any thoughts of a release show in York similar to Ghost Moon Orchestra and Dressed in Voices as good excuse to visit this lovely city once again.


  8. Wilk the album be available in vinyl ?


  9. Graham Smith Says:

    Great news! Just ordered the cd and really looking forward to Leamington on Sunday.


  10. Also ordered here from the Netherlands and ordered tickets for “de Boerderij” in december too. Rerlaying on a great show and cd again!!


  11. Keith New Says:

    Looking forward to hearing the new album, when will you be visiting Sage Gateshead again, on the last couple of tours, you have missed us out, always enjoy the shows you do


  12. keith price Says:

    Just ordered new album…waiting for the Citadel in november…even managed to drag along my wife who has not been to you since you last played the limelight club in crewe.


  13. Glen Doucet (Canada) Says:

    Ordered my copy last week, wish the band would release these special editions on vinyl….looking forward to the release, Dressed in Voices was an amazing album…..


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