Sight of Day… sight….

Hello everybody and a glorious new year to you all

Well, I am very proud to announce that ‘Sight of Day – the Limited edition’ is finished, done, in the bag!  I would like to thank you for your patience and support, it’s been a long road but nevertheless, a very worthwhile one.  I hope you think so too.

After the dark subject matter of Dressed in Voices, we attempted to make Sight of Day a little more cheerful in places, for our own sanity as much as anything (ha!).  I wouldn’t be too optimistic though, this is Mostly Autumn after all.

I don’t want to say too much about the content, but there are some big songs on there, if you like that sort of thing.  Anyway, it’s just gone to be manufactured so hopefully you will get it in a couple of weeks or so,  we’ll keep you updated.

Hope to see you soon, let us know what you think of it.


Bryan Josh and all at Mostly Autumn


12 Responses to “Sight of Day… sight….”

  1. cool thanks for the update looking forward to another gem of a album


  2. Gerard van der Meijden Says:

    Finally you have don’t all. I am looking forward to recieve your CD on my adress. It will be as always GREAT!!!!! Cheers to you Brain and your fabulous band.

    Greetings from Gerard in the Netherlands


  3. Keith New Says:

    Really looking forward to hearing this, if it is as good as the last two albums then we are in for a treat


  4. Is it on vynil


  5. Glen Doucet (Canada) Says:

    Thanks for the update, if its as brilliant as Dressed in Voices it should be a good one, can’t wait to hear it….


  6. Off to New Zealand for 5 weeks on 12th February. Here’s hoping it arrives before then … or it’s going to be a long wait


  7. Can t wait. .so impatient. …mostly autumn is so amazing band. Each one of you is magical. We love your music, we are so happy to support you….you give to us so much with your music, lyrics and friendly spirit….I m really sure this new LP will be a new musicalheaven.
    My wife and myself keep a very nice “souvenir ” about our meeting at Zoetermeer 2016….
    We are waiting for the upcoming tour dates and try to do our best to meet you again.
    See you soon. Big kisses to all of you from Strasbourg.
    Sam and Valérie.


  8. I have got this today and played it loads of times well done Mostlies its an amazing set of quality songs with a great mixture of light, dark and shade, super!!!.


  9. Frank van engelen Says:

    Hi guys, i am very curious. I love this band. Can you tell me if there is a spec.edition? I would like to order it.


  10. Frank van engelen Says:

    Hi Brian and the other guys,
    Great news again that you have a new album again. I am Frank van Engelen from Holland, living in Portugal now and a huge fan of your band. Of course I am interested in your new album. And I was wondering if there is a special edition which you guys sometimes do. Hopefully you can send me a reply about this. Then I will order one. Thank you so mych. Hope to hear from you soon.


  11. Music Filled the Sky!……Saw you guys for the first time in Southampton last year, I’m hooked & the new album is just awsome. Well done and thank you for bringing music back into my world.


  12. david graham gush Says:

    Dear Bryan & Band,

    This is an amazing album with great music, like some of your older classics. I usually need to listen to most tracks before they start to grow on me; but this one hit me the first time I played it. I look forward to hearing it live – when are you back at Holmfirth?


    Dave Gush



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