Tavistock, Southampton and Cardiff….

After a fantastic few concerts in NL and Germany (thank you to all of our friends over there, and numerous new ones we made) – we had a great time as usual, it’s back to the UK and we’re coming down South next weekend!

Friday 12th May, to The Wharf in Tavistock

Saturday 13th May – The Engine Rooms – Southampton and

Sunday 14th May – The Globe – Cardiff

Great venues, we hope you’ll come to see us.

There’s a great feature in Classic Rock presents Prog   magazine this month too – very nice – and a review of Sight of Day too!

Photos Jorrit van Bennekom

5 Responses to “Tavistock, Southampton and Cardiff….”

  1. I love Jorrit’s photos 🙂


  2. gwgerl Says:

    It was a great gig in Oberhausen, we really enjoyed also the mix of your fantastic songs (a little bit missing the new title song). Hope you come again…


  3. Thanks for another great performance at the wharf . A shining star amongst the black hole that is sadly the state of mainstream commercial music today. Long may you live to bring joy to those that appreciate your craft .


  4. Andrew Weeks Says:

    Fantastic show at the Robin 2 last night, even after 15 years of seeing them live they just get better and better.
    Oliva’s vocals were the highlight, such range and passion and tracks from the new album fitted in nicely.

    Just a big thank you again for a spell binding night


  5. Great gig in Nantwich on Saturday, everyone on fine form. Thanks


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