London, Leamington, York…….

Greetings all, Bryan here, hope it’s been a glorious year so far for you. How time flies – I can’t believe Autumn is already sharing a glass with the summer – and I dooo wonder to myself….. does the summer weep in defeat of the oncoming September, exhausted and broken? who knows, I certainly don’t. Welcome the mist and mellow fruitfulness, icy days and sharp skies, fire, snow and stars, beer and wine and nostalgia that breweth invigorating songs that can no longer be ignored, provoking a distant sense of romance long gone but yet still to come…….
Anyway I’ll stop there, I do actually love the summer also.

As you probably know we are preparing for three very special shows in September , where we will be playing “Sight Of Day” in it’s entirely amongst other classic Mostly Autumn. Tackling  the big tunes like Native Spirit and Sight Of Day is a very exciting proposition, as well as a challenge, can’t wait to see how they evolve “live”. If you can get to any of these shows I know they will be very special.

Livvy and I would like to thank everyone for all the good will messages about little baby Autumn, she’s all good and healthy thanks. There are rare but occasional moments of glass shattering vocal pitches coming from her already, she may have her daddy’s voice methinks 🙂 but it’s incredible having her around, we love every second.

Anyway, hope to see you soon


3rd September – O2 Academy – Islington – London

16th September – Leamington Assembly – Leamington Spa

23rd September – Grand Opera House – York

Photo – Jorrit Van Bennekom

10 Responses to “London, Leamington, York…….”

  1. Stephen and Ann Major Says:

    Will be at the York show!


  2. Mick Wyett Says:

    Yes the year seems to fly by soon be wrapping up from the cold and frost. Great to here parenthood is suiting you both and little Autumn is doing well. Looking forward to Islington in a couple of weeks!!


  3. Graham Chatterley Says:

    Hi Bryan I don’t think we will be able to get to the gigs but I’m sure it will go down well. Loved the new album it’s your best yet. Glad baby autumn is doing well give her a hug from me and my partner Jean best wishes Graham


  4. Hey Bryan, Wished I could get to at least one of these shows I live on the south coast & I gotta ask you, please, more shows doon sarf your honor! Love it to hear baby’s good and you seem in fine spirits. The new album is the best thing since DSOTM (or in my mind, a tad better dare I say), it really is that good.


  5. See you all at the York show. And many many thanks for the colours you painted on The House.


  6. Nic James Says:

    Bryan! You’re on social media?
    I thought you were a technophobe?


  7. Stu Houlgate Says:

    Looking forward to GOH on 23rd


  8. Was fab at Cambs rock fest. 😀👍🏻 Xx


  9. More gigs in Germany please. “LKA Stuttgart” is a perfect location.


  10. Vicky Wilde Says:

    Didn’t even have to ask the baby’s name. Must have been intuition! 😀 Wish we could get to any of those gigs. But we’ll be seeing you in Bury in December.x


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