Robin 2 gig postponed………

We are so sorry but due to the severe weather conditions tonight’s gig at the Robin 2 has to be cancelled.
It is, however, re-arranged for Sunday 7th January afternoon – 1pm start.
Really hope those of you who were coming can make the new date.

5 Responses to “Robin 2 gig postponed………”

  1. Shame, but that’s Mother Nature for you.


  2. Sensible decision, we’d decided against risking coming up from London. I trust we’ll still get Xmas songs on the new date though? ๐Ÿ˜‰


  3. Not surprised, thanks for the update, see you in the new year and have a great Christmas


  4. Hugh Paul McKinney Says:

    Ahh Mostly Autumn cancelled by Heffing Winter (the irony) …shame as after the brilliant Leamington Spa gig this year was really looking forward to it tonight, unfortunately in Portugal on the 7th Jan so hope to catch you next year


  5. Andrew Weeks Says:

    A very wise decision.

    I live only 6 miles away from the Robin 2 and I can not even get out of my drive way.

    I know I am being very selfish but I am relieved as I really did not want to miss it if it was still on.

    See you on the 7th January without a doubt, any chance of “I believe in Father Christmas still being played” ๐Ÿ™‚


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