Mostly Autumn are sad to announce that due to time constraints, Alex Cromarty has made the decision to retire from Mostly Autumn. It has been nothing but an absolute pleasure to share our time with Alex who is undoubtedly a huge musical talent in all areas and a superb character to have around. We sincerely wish him all the best for the future in whatever he does and we will obviously remain close friends.
We are delighted to announce however, that the drumming excellence of Henry Rogers will be injected into the Mostly Autumn sound and we wholeheartedly welcome Henry on board. Henry is a hugely accomplished live and session player who has also known and loved Mostly Autumn for some years.

With the sadness of the end of another era comes the excitement of a new one ,  Henry’s first show will be in York at The Crescent on Sunday 25th March.

In April we travel to Germany to The Artrock Festival in Reichenbach to play on April 7th.  Really looking forward to this – it’s beautiful – then on to the lovely NL, to Helmond and the Cacao Fabriek on 8th April.

Photo – Jorrit van Bennekom



Photo – Sharon McInerney

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  1. Mart meuffels Says:

    Sad to hear a friend has left, all the best for the future, Alex. Welcome on board Henry.


  2. All the best and thank you Alex, welcome Henry. You will have a great time with these great musicians and wonderful people.


  3. Graham Smith Says:

    Sad to hear Alex has left, and welcome Henry. Thanks to a wonderful drummer and all the great gigs. Wish you all the very best for the future Alex, and hope to catch you at a gig somewhere.


  4. Massimiliano Says:



  5. More drummers than Spinal Tap… Sad that Alex is leaving. Bloody brilliant drummer – thanks for some great gigs. Welcome Henry – another superb drummer. Really looking forward to seeing you play in The Art Rock festival in a few weeks – a relatively short drive for me tor a MA gig.


  6. Andrew Weeks Says:

    Really sorry that Alex is leaving, the sound he was able to create out of such a small drum set up beggared belief, a very likeable and approachable chap I wish him all the best.

    I have seen Henry several times with Touchstone and is a very competent drummer and I am sure that the standard will continue to go up.

    Best of luck to both of you.




  7. So Sorry to hear we’re losing our ‘Super-Hero’. Such a likeable guy and integral part of the Autumn family. Welcome to Henry and look forward to hearing your skins in the not too distant.


  8. Sad to see Alex go and wish him well. At the gig in The Crescent tonight and Henry’s drumming was superb . Well worth our trip from Glasgow ( our usual venue is The Ferry ) .Hope to see you there again soon .Brilliant gig tonight , thanks to all the band .


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