White Rainbow…….

Greetings everybody, we trust all is well.

It’s that time again, another chapter begins and we are very proud indeed to announce the upcoming release of the limited edition version of our new album WHITE RAINBOW “. This version will be a double album and will be strictly limited to 2000 copies.

We plan to get them out to you late November early December, earlier if at all possible, the general release single album will be released early next year, date to be confirmed.

What can we say about this album…… well, this one’s for Liam.

Never underestimate how much your ongoing support means to us

Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts.

We will keep you posted.


Bryan and all at Mostly Autumn.


As usual we are asking for your help to fund this project

we are offering the pre-order limited edition

double album – price £22.00 plus P & P from Mostly Autumn Records only.

Pre-order now from


(Please be aware that if you order anything else on the pre-order it will arrive at the same time as White Rainbow).





15 Responses to “White Rainbow…….”

  1. Mart meuffels Says:

    Just ordered from my holiday adress at Rhodos.



    Great news – Just ordering copies now. sure to sell out quickly as

    Sight of Day was an absolute joy and sold quicker than the other

    Pre-Orders. Chris Davies


  3. Ordered.


  4. yep. Ordered, of course…:-)


  5. alan smeaton Says:

    Ordered. PS It’s an ice halo and not a white rainbow. A white rainbow is a fogbow. (Google search). Atmospheric cover all the same.


  6. Ordered, it’s a pleasure waiting for it. Hope to hear some White Rainbow in Oberhausen …


  7. Great news, and earlier than I expected.


  8. Graham Smith Says:

    Just ordered and can’t wait. Cover looks great…make a good t-shirt for next year’s tour!!


  9. Victoria Wilde Says:

    Ordered two, one for me and one for the boyfriend. ❤


  10. Je commande dès ce soir.
    Hâte d’être en novembre


  11. Commandé pour moi aussi! Vivement l’album! j’espère que Mostly Autumn passera un jour dans le Nord de la France! il y a de bonnes salles de concert sur Lille par exemple!
    Bryan, si tu me lis…. ;-p


  12. un petit passage sur Paris serait génial aussi….
    Pareil Bryan, si tu me lis


  13. Ordered one. Always get a happy feeling with a new record from M.A.
    It’s one for Liam, so it must be a big loving feelin too make it.


  14. Glen Doucet Says:

    Ordered mine last month, can’t wait, each MA release is a new treasure to listen to…..from a big fan in Canada…..


  15. Dwayne Butler Says:

    Ordered mine just as soon E-Mail was sent out. Can hardly wait. I am from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Mostly Autumn is by far the most complete band in the world today.


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