White Rainbow in production….

We’re very happy to inform you that White Rainbow Limited Edition is now finished and in production.

We don’t have a definite delivery date yet but will keep you informed (around mid December). We apologise for the slight delay (Bryan broke a couple of ribs!!!).

Anyway – it’ll be on it’s way to you as soon as it arrives.

Thank you all for the amazing response – you really do keep the dream alive!


8 Responses to “White Rainbow in production….”

  1. michael wyett Says:

    Bryan wants to take it a bit steadier, knocking on a bit now lol 😂
    Burning question, how did he do that 🤕


  2. Simon Lewis Says:

    Can’t wait 😁


  3. Paul Naylor Says:



  4. Alan Smeaton Says:

    It’s an ice halo and not a rainbow. Nice image all the same.


  5. Looking forward to hereing it, hope it is as good as the rest


  6. If it’s even half as good as the last on it will be brilliant. The thanks are all ours, your music keeps US alive!


  7. Graham Chatterley Says:

    Oh hell hope brian is ok now .Looking forward to the new music cant wait have a great Xmas every one in the band


  8. Nous attendons avec impatience, Bon rétablissement Brian


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