Robin 2 – Sunday 9th December……

Back from the NL and Germany and three amazing gigs!  We’re overwhelmed with the support we had and the wonderful people we met – thank you so much!

Now it’s back home and the wonderful Stables in Milton Keynes this Thursday 6th December

Unfortunately Touchstone have cancelled the Robin2 on Sunday 9th December  but we are delighted (and we know a lot of you will be too)  that the Hayley Griffiths Band have stepped in.  Hayley’s announcement is below

The Hayley Griffiths Band are excited to announce that they will be stepping in for Touchstone THIS Sunday 9th December at TheRobin 2 alongsideour new friends Mostly Autumn.  This will be the band’s UK premiere having recently returned from headlining Crescendo Festival de Rock Progressif in South America.  The band will on at 6pm playing a full 90 minute set –  you won’t want to miss this unique opportunity of witnessing the very first European performance! Alongside Hayley the band features former Karnataka musicians Jimmy Pallagrosi and Cagri Tozluoglu. The trio will be returning to The Robin 2 almost a year to the day of their final Karnataka show. 
Tickets are available on the door or in advance here 
Looking forward to seeing you.

3 Responses to “Robin 2 – Sunday 9th December……”

  1. Colin Gunton Says:

    When you playing Southampton, its been a lbng time

    Colin Gunton
    Customer Service Clerk
    Sea Freight, Southampton


  2. Ken Dunsmuir Says:

    Wish could see you both up here in Glasgow. In Olivia and Halley we have two of the greatest female singers around. Seeing as Karnataka have been “dissolved” Halley Grffiths band is next best thing and will go onto greater things.


  3. Andrew Weeks Says:

    Thank you for another terrific show at the Robin 2 last night (Sunday 9th Dec) the encore was the best I have witnessed in 15 years of seeing MA.
    Unfortunately due to ill health this will probably be that last time I will see them live.
    Thank you for helping leave on such a high and I wish you all continued good times.

    Andrew Weeks


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