Release of White Rainbow…..

Greetings everybody, we hope all is well in 2019.
We are very honoured to announce that the limited Edition White Rainbow is now sold out. Your support has been incredible and all of this simple wouldn’t be possible without you. Speaking personally, this album was the hardest project I’ve ever been involved in, the emotion was overwhelming but it had to be that way to give Liam the send off he so rightly deserved. We’re so pleased you recognised that with your amazing comments and positivity about the songs. Thank you deeply.
We are also very excited to tell you that the general release single disc of White Rainbow will be released on March 1st – let’s see what everyone else thinks of it…
Hope to see you soon on the road, more dates will come soon.
Bryan Josh.
You can pre-order White Rainbow here

6 Responses to “Release of White Rainbow…..”

  1. Hendrix Knightsmith Says:

    Nice words Brian, Thank you


  2. Mike@Ipswich Says:

    Title sounds like a lost Dio song.


  3. this album is very incredible , he turn and turn non stop….long life to MOSTLY !!!!..


  4. Ce magnifique album tourne en boucle.
    Merci à vous


  5. Trevor Brown Says:

    I have had this album for a while now. I have to say this is my fave album this year and its your best album since Passengers. I love the elements of songs passed too. Keep up the good work.


  6. The best album of 2019


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