Concerts re-scheduled…..

It was great to see so many of you at The Met, Bury last Sunday – seemed like a special gig – thank you for coming.  Hope you are keeping well.

We have, not surprisingly, some more re-scheduled gigs: –

Artrock – as you know – re-scheduled to September 18th
Winters-end festival – re-scheduled to Sunday 25th April 2021
Waterfront, Norwich – re-scheduled – date tbc
It’s possible there will be more – we’ll keep you updated..
Meanwhile, take care all of you

3 Responses to “Concerts re-scheduled…..”

  1. Ian McMahon Says:

    Great gig on Sunday, myself and son really enjoyed it, and probably our last gig for a while.
    Looking forward to seeing you again later in the year.


  2. Nick Leech Says:

    Fantastic gig at Bury guys! Take care all of you,,,,,


  3. John O'Dwyer Says:

    Was a fantastic gig. Loved the mix of newer songs blended with the older stuff. Looking forward to Buckley in the autumn!


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