A Christmas message…….

14 Responses to “A Christmas message…….”

  1. michael wyett Says:

    How lovely to see you all especially beautiful Autumn
    Merry Christmas 🥳



    Lovely, thank you and I wish you all a Merry Christmas in these very strange times. Stay safe x


  3. Barry McCracken Says:

    A very merry Christmas to all of you from Kia and I. Missing you all so very badly, but hoping we can catch up in 2021. ❤️❤️❤️


  4. Ian McMahon Says:

    Merry Xmas to you all. Fond memories of our last gig of the year in Bury in March! Ian and Myles


  5. Neil Parry Says:

    Merry Christmas, lovely song with a lovely family. Here’s to a brighter ’21. Love and Peace xxx


  6. David Robertson Says:

    Ah that was so nice.gosh miss the Xmas gig at the robin 2. Hope you keep well and see you next year.


  7. Rob MacIver Says:

    That was lovely Guys. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas 🎄


  8. Thanks for these special greetings in this special time, our best greetings back to you, too. Especially to the little lady, beautiful as your music. Waiting to see & hear you live again next year…


  9. Lovely have a good xmas xxx


  10. It’s at time like these we realise how much we miss those fabulous shows you put on and hard to believe that we were singing along last year to your Christmas encore at The Stables. Looking forward to watching you perform again and Merry Christmas to you all and all the fans out there.


  11. Your daughter is so cute merry Christmas to you all hopefully a better new year 💗


  12. John & Sharron Says:

    Many, many thanks to all the band members for taking the time to send Christmas greetings. We have missed you so much – the first time in eighteen years that we have not been to a concert – but hope to enjoy that great privilege again in 2021. Best wishes for a happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year to everyone in the Mostly Autumn family.
    John and Sharron


  13. graham bennett Says:

    You caught me there, I had a little cry at the end. God Bless you all and thank you for the happiness you radiate in your music


  14. Steffen Driftmann Says:

    What a lovely video. My family and I really enjoyed it . Many, many thanks for all the beautiful music in all the last years. We missed going to your concerts and hope to see you in 2021 somewhere in Germany or the Netherlands, perhaps in Zoetermeer like every year.
    We wish you a happy new year and stay safe.
    Best wishes and lovely greetings from Petershagen (Germany)


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